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  1. Need help

    Okay so got word that AB is out Sunday again so that leaves me with 3 WRs and 2 open WR spots and a flex spot open so should I start Lockett and DJ Moore and Put K.Bourne in my flex spot even though I’m already starting H. Henry?? Or sit K. Bourne and go pick up D. People’s Jones or Toney off waivers?? Plz help thanks in advance
  2. Need help picking 2

    standard league 6pt.TD extra 6 Pts. 40 yard TDs Lockett vs Arizona DJ vs Was AB vs NYG K. Bourne vs ATL tonight
  3. Need help picking 2

    Always seem to start the wrong WRs… help Pick 2 plz Lockette DJ Moore AB Kendrick Bourne
  4. Should i start Jordan Howard Peoples-Jones Foreman Mcnichols standard league by the 6pts TD and 6 extra pts for 40 yard TDs
  5. Hubbard or Gibson ??

    Gia well or Gibson?
  6. Hubbard or Gibson ??

    Sutton or Gibson?
  7. Need help!!!

    Thanks appreciate it!!
  8. Need help!!!

    Hockenson or Henry rest of year??
  9. Need help!!!

    I have hockenson, should I stay put with him for rest of season or keep Henry??
  10. Need help!!!

    Have a few players on bye week this week and need to drop 1 player to pick up a QB… who should I drop?? Moss Damien Williams lockette Hunter Henry
  11. Carson on IR

    Should I pick up Penny or he’s not worth it??
  12. Trade just got accepted did I win?

    Booker is but I’m #7 on the wire so pretty sure I won’t get to him but also eyeing Khalil Herbert RB from Chicago cuz he got more carries then Damien Williams and had more yards, what you think?
  13. Trade just got accepted did I win?

    So you guys think giving up Gibson and Damien Williams for D. Adams was to much??