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  1. Trade with Desperate team.....

    Really doubt he’ll do it for Gibson & Claypool
  2. Should I trade Lockett for Conner?? Hurting really bad at the RB position from injury. Roster QB-Big Ben RBs- Gibson, Henderson,J. Jackson, Freeman, Harris, Ekeler & CMC WRs- Lockett, Woods, Jefferson, Dionte Johnson, TE-KELCE
  3. Need help picking QB

    Anyone else??
  4. Need help picking QB

    I’m torn in between big Ben and Wentz cuz he’s playing a plus matchup va the Giants and experts are saying he’s a must start
  5. Should I go with Big Ben vs Ten Newton vs SF Wentz vs NYG??
  6. Trade CMC??

  7. Need help picking 3??

    I have Henderson, Gibson and Jackson in there rt now but I’m up in the air if I should swap Freeman for Gibson
  8. Trade CMC??

    Trade CMC & Woods for Dalvin Cook, J. Taylor & C. Lamb??
  9. I’d go with Sanders vs Car
  10. Need help picking 3??

  11. ROS RB Rankings Non PPR

    The order you put them in that’s it lol
  12. Nothing to good to pick from cuz my studs are injured. Standard league Henderson Gibson J. Jackson Freeman D.Harris
  13. KELCE trade

    My KELCE for his Johnathan Taylor & David Johnson?
  14. Kelce trade??