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  1. Den vs Jets Pats vs No Cards vs Jax
  2. Flex start???

    Standard league
  3. Flex start???

    Who should I start in flex Ty’son vs Det Gibson vs Buf Sutton vs Jets
  4. Zeke

    Gave up Najee for Zeke 😬
  5. Zeke

    Just traded for Zeke in my league but everyone is telling me I made a mistake cuz hes gonna have another bad year like last season…. Do you think Zeke has a good year this year or more of what happened last season again??
  6. What WRs 2 start??

    Need to start 2 of them??
  7. What WRs 2 start??

    Lockett vs Tenn AB vs ATL DJ Moore vs NO Sutton vs JAX
  8. What defense to start??

    Now it’s a tossup have people saying Cards and some saying WFT…. Anyone else???
  9. What defense to start??

    I wa a leaning towards W FT tonight but now other buddies telling me to roll with Cardinals lol think I might have to listen
  10. Should I start W-FT vs Giants tonight?? Cardnials vs Vikings Broncos vs Jax
  11. Trade Najee

    Does it make a difference if I have Dak as my QB1??
  12. Trade Najee

    Even though Zeke didn’t do much week 1 do you think he will have a more productive fantasy season then Najee??
  13. Trade Najee

    Shoudl i trade Najee for Zeke??
  14. Trade

    Gibson for James Robinson?? Standard league
  15. Should I trade for Ridley??

    QB, 2 RBs, 2 Wrs, TE, flex, K Def standard scoring