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  1. Improve this Roster!

    Not a bad team at all but I would try to upgrade your RBs… maybe try to move Damien Willams and Swift for a RB 1
  2. Who to Flex?

    AJ Hubbard Woods Collins Edmo
  3. Free agent pickups?

    I would try to get E. Sanders or DeVonta Smith
  4. Need help to get trade approved

    Trust me I am!! I honestly think it was the Commish that did it cuz I won league 2 out of 3 years so he thinks I’m getting better of trade
  5. Recently offered Lockett &Ab for Adams and they accepted but got vetoed… should I throw Zach Moss in the trade too or is that to much??
  6. Either the league or the commish vetoed trade with me giving away Lockett & AB for Adams… need some advice on what other player makes sense to throw in trade to get it passed, here is my roster Dak Zeke,CMC, Gibson, Hubbard, Moss, Tyson and Damien Williams DJ, Lockett, AB, Sutton Hockenson Cardinals, Broncos
  7. D.Adams trade got Vetoed

    Honestly I think it was the Commish that vetoed it himself
  8. CMC, Hubbard question

    No I wouldn’t drop Hubbard especially if you have CMC cuz you never know if he comes back from injury and gets hurt again
  9. Trey Lance or Tom Brady

    Stick with Brady
  10. Josh Jacobs dropped

    Even though Jacobs been hurt and only fantasy worth for 1 week you usually don’t see backs like him dropped to often so I would definitely do it!! Especially how thin you are at RB good luck!
  11. Give Lockett & AB and receive Davante Adams?? Other WRs I have are DJ Moore and Sutton…any advice would help thanks!
  12. Should I offer this trade???

    No way the other guy accepts this trade, it’s to lopsided
  13. Should I make this trade??

    BTW I offered this deal and he took the bait… just wanted to make sure I wasn’t giving to much for Adams
  14. Should I make this trade??

    Yes I’m giving Lockett & AB and receiving D.Adams
  15. Should I make this trade??

  16. Streaming D?

  17. Should I make this trade??

  18. Tony Pollard for Mike Davis?

    Yes that’s a no brainer to me
  19. Hubbard vs Dal Moss vs Hou AB bs Pats Sutton vs Bal
  20. DST to start??

    Broncos vs Bal Cards vs Rams Bengals vs Jax
  21. Dilemma don’t know who 2 start??

    Need to start 1 in flex thanks
  22. DST to start??

  23. Den vs Jets Pats vs No Cards vs Jax
  24. Flex start???

    Standard league