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  1. Flex start???

    Who should I start in flex Ty’son vs Det Gibson vs Buf Sutton vs Jets
  2. Zeke

    Just traded for Zeke in my league but everyone is telling me I made a mistake cuz hes gonna have another bad year like last season…. Do you think Zeke has a good year this year or more of what happened last season again??
  3. Zeke

    Gave up Najee for Zeke 😬
  4. What WRs 2 start??

    Lockett vs Tenn AB vs ATL DJ Moore vs NO Sutton vs JAX
  5. What WRs 2 start??

    Need to start 2 of them??
  6. Should I start W-FT vs Giants tonight?? Cardnials vs Vikings Broncos vs Jax
  7. Trade Najee

    Shoudl i trade Najee for Zeke??
  8. What defense to start??

    Now it’s a tossup have people saying Cards and some saying WFT…. Anyone else???
  9. What defense to start??

    I wa a leaning towards W FT tonight but now other buddies telling me to roll with Cardinals lol think I might have to listen
  10. Trade Najee

    Does it make a difference if I have Dak as my QB1??
  11. Trade Najee

    Even though Zeke didn’t do much week 1 do you think he will have a more productive fantasy season then Najee??
  12. Trade

    Gibson for James Robinson?? Standard league
  13. My roster Dak CMC, Najee, Gibson, Zach Moss, Hubbard, Murray Lockette, DJ Moore, Sutton, AB, G Davis Hockenson my thing is I’m thin at WR and thinking of trading Gibson for Ridley.. what you think??
  14. Should I trade for Ridley??

    QB, 2 RBs, 2 Wrs, TE, flex, K Def standard scoring
  15. Dak CMC, Najee, Gibson Lockett, Dj Moore, Sutton, AB Hockenson Sanders DEF- W Football team
  16. What you guys think!??

    12 man league
  17. He has Steelers D/ST and I have Juju??
  18. If you wanna lose go ahead lol
  19. JRob, Hunt, J.Wilson Juju C. Davis
  20. Flex. Which one?

    Godwin should have big day
  21. WR to start?

    Yes I would play Sanders with Mike Thomas out
  22. need 2 of these 3 RB's

    JRob Akers
  23. Pick 1 Edwards, Gurley or Bowden Jr.

    I’d go with Edwards
  24. PPR RB - Hunt, Conner, Wilson

    Hunt and Wilson cuz I would not trust Conner with the championship on the line he has not been performing weather the matchup is good or not bottom line