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  1. WR to start?

  2. Mostert or Hunt

  3. WDIS at RB2

    Would go with Wilson for most upside
  4. Looking Ahead, impossible decision....

    Chubb, Monty, Akers
  5. PICK 2 RBS

    Akers Dobbins

    Mike davis JT Akers
  7. So anyone else think it’s Hunt over these guys??
  8. Do I stick with Jacobs for tonight’s game or pivot to either Hunt, J. Wilson (if mostert is out)?? Can’t seem to make the decision I’m back and forth with it plz help thanks boys
  9. Thanks for the input man but it’s so hard to take Jacobs out cuz he goes off for 2 Tds I’ll never forgive myself lol
  10. Herbert, Trubisky, Rivers?

    I have slight lean to Rivers just cuz Williams and especially K. Allen might be out that’s one of his favorite targets that avg like 12-13 targets a game so go with P. Rivers
  11. Need some advice

    I” d go Cousins vs TB
  12. Need 2

    Akers & Monty GL
  13. Pick 2 WR's.

  14. Best 3 RBs

    Jacobs vs LAC JRob vs Baltimore M.Davis vs GB J.Wilson vs Dal
  15. Best 3 RBs

    Forgot I have Hunt too so what 3 RBs out of these... Jacobs, JRob, Davis, J. Wilson & Hunt???
  16. Jacobs out!!!

    Jacobs just said on IG he’s out today so should I plug in Hunt or Juju in the flex??
  17. Jacobs out!!!

    Almost 1pm... any input from anyone??
  18. pick 2 standard league Juju Beasley C. Davis Coutee
  19. QB for the rest of the season

    I’m leaning Ryan only cuz I see the Falcons trailing in all those games and will need to throw the ball a lot
  20. Watson or Cousins?

  21. Flex Help Please!

  22. Flex Pick 2 of 4 + TE Help

    IMO I’d go Landry & Claypool TE Jonnu Your making rt choice GL
  23. Herbert or Tannehill

    No doubt Tannehill