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  1. WR Help

    A Rob McLaurin Claypool
  2. RB HELP

    Help me pick 3 best RBs Jacobs Robinson Davis Hunt Booker
  3. TE help

    Trust me you want Akins this week with Cooks out he will see more targets and especially redzone targets
  4. WR HELP. PICK 2 :

    Marvin Jones & Aiyuk
  5. I would appreciate any input thanks boys 1st week playoffs trying to stay alive. also have Gio, P. Barber & J. Crowder if that helps in any way
  6. Which DST this week?

  7. Trusting Mixon

    Yes their run defense is absolutely horrible and everyone seen that first hand on national tv last night but just don’t know if the Bengals will be able to balance their passing game enough to open the run game up cuz if not then Dallas will just stack the box all day against Mixon but it won’t hurt taking that chance against a horrible run defense GL.
  8. Wilson Henry Robinson (can’t sit J-Rob as good as he’s been) A.Rob C.Davis Kamara Cardinals

    Man you have a lot of great matchup’s this week for your players... that be said I would start Swift (if he plays) Davis Cooper
  10. Trusting Mixon

    I have that decision to make this week if he comes back too but I think your better off sticking with your other RBs Chubb & Zeke
  11. Chasing 15 pts. Which TE would get closer to those pts Schultz vs Bal or Reed vs Buf??
  12. Down 20 pts.

    He has Diggs and I still have Gibson,Mostert, Jordan Reed, & Tyler Bass... what are the odds of me pulling it out?? need this win to make playoffs😬😬

    Mclaurin & Aiyuk do doubt GL bro
  14. Down 20 pts.

    Yeah but still down 23 pts to start the day that’s a big advantage
  15. Down by 28, lineup?

    It’s gonna be real close but at least you still have a shot. Go check out my post below yours tell me what you think
  16. which WR to start

    I’d lean towards Deebo
  17. Booker vs Jets with Jacobs out and sit Gibson going against Pitts Defense??
  18. Which TE to start!?

    Would of said Rudolph but Thielen is back and that will cut Rudolph’s targets in half so I would go with Hooper cuz of the matchup. GL
  19. Would I be crazy to start....

    Anyone else??
  20. Taking a big chance on both these teams but not many options out there... Raiders Defense Vs Horrible Darnold & Jets?? OR LIONS Defense vs horrible Trubisky & Bears??
  21. Currently have Washington D played them vs Dal. and have Bucs D on bench... my question is should I drop Was. D for one of these DST. Since Was. Plays Pitts week 13
  22. Lineup Help? WDIS?

    Yes I would definitely get Mostert in there vs Bills
  23. #1 waiver

    Pick up Cousins great matchup this week