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  1. That's my only goal is to get something. If not I can always drop him from my roster.
  2. Denver plays on Thursday so dropping Gordon would make him available on waivers next Wednesday
  3. I would drop a defense to pick up a productive player. Dropping AJ Green for Tia was not a wise move if you're in a 10 team league or above.
  4. I snatched him up and offered a trade with Shenault for Waddle or Samuel. I already have Josh Allen and Hurts. Wish me luck because I offered Watson to the guy who lost Russell Wilson đŸ˜…
  5. Which QB?

  6. Do I drop the #1 kicker?

    Keep bass and drop Golliday.
  7. Is he in game shape? That's a lot of draft capital to suffer a season ending injury since Watson has not played at all this year.
  8. D’Ernest Johnson?

    Never a fan of Thursday night games for fantasy purposes.
  9. Michael carter worth #1 waiver claim

    Keep trying and good luck
  10. Myles Gaskin or Miles Sanders

    Rams defense
  11. Michael carter worth #1 waiver claim

    Glad you were able to get her on board. My wife is the same and she's won a few years in a row. I keep telling her to trust her own instincts while she continues to beat my teams every year.
  12. Michael carter worth #1 waiver claim

    Tell your wife we said hi. #GoforitBrother
  13. Ridley for Chase?

    Any day both receivers could light it up or turn it down. It's a gamble either way but I'm riding the hot hand in Chase.
  14. Who to pick in WW today

    This is the answer