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  1. Gio or Hill???

    Kirk and Hill is my answer.
  2. With all the firepower at WR I assume the rest of your team is average.
  3. Flex on me...

    Gallman or AJ Brown
  4. Is Fant startable today?

  5. Is this the winning lineup?

    I would choose B. Hill over James Robinson due to J-Ville QB situation.
  6. Pick 2 WR

  7. Rams or Browns DST??

  8. Which WR from this group???

    Mike Williams
  9. Monty, Gio, Hill? Pick 2

    Monty & Hill
  10. Who to flex!?

    I'm starting Hill
  11. Pick 3 of 4 (standard league)

    Sit Breida
  12. Mark Andrews on COVID-19

    Yes..... I replaced him in 2 of my leagues already. He's out week 12 & 13.
  13. Patricia and Lions GM fired

    Gase is a Made or Mad man 😁