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  1. Week 16 chat

    You called it Bro. He turned into a pumpkin
  2. Jalen Hurts hurt me

    League Champion you called it.
  3. Am I crazy or.........?

    The world must be coming to an end
  4. Kittle or Andrews

    Should I roll with Kittle or Andrews?
  5. $400 on the line... any advice?

    Grab Nugent or Bass
  6. Herbert or Hurts?

    I agree with this assessment
  7. Tannehill or Hurts for the championship?

    It's a coin toss because both QB's have played extremely well but I am going with Tannehill on this one because the Titans need the win and Aaron Rogers will put up points.
  8. WR Help

    Drop Golliday and pick up AJ Green or Pascal
  9. Which QB ?

    Murray is the easy choice here but they will have similar points in rushing and passing.
  10. QB and DST

    Herbert & Bears
  11. Two Questions for Week 16

    Agree because Lamar is a ball hog.
  12. Week 16 SUPERBOWL Lineup

    100% agree with this selection (if Zeke is out)