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  1. Standard scoring league:


    QB: Watson, Tannehill
    RB: D. Henry, Carson, Peterson,  (Mostert-flex for semi's)
    WR: Tyreek, Lockett, Gallup, Metcalf (have added Perriman & dropped Tannehill for finals)

    TE: Higbee, Hollister
    Flex: Mostert
    K: Gould (Koo now...rotated all year)
    DT/ST: Steelers


    Roster has gone through major upheaval this year.  Drafter David Johnson 1st.  Also drafted O.J. Howard, Peyton Barber, Keke Coutee, Marquez Valdez-Scantling, Kyler Murray, Austin Murray, Austin Hooper, and Will Lutz.  Lost Will Lutz during bye week when I picked up another kicker.  regret that.  Otherwise, just a mad scramble to get to the Ship.  My team seldom resembles the one I drafted, as I think most peoples rosters evolve in this way as well. Hit gold on picks 2-6 (Tyreek, Henry, Carson, Lockett, and Watson). 


  2. 19 minutes ago, League_Champion said:


    Congrats Riggo. Good luck the rest of the way. 

    Got lucky, but worked HARD to get there. Jameis is a nightmare to go up against. 1 more TD from him & I lose, maybe. As soon as I had the lead with him having no players left, I sat Pitts D. Good tip, learned on here. Love this forum, and the guys here! 

  3. Ian.  Just got this feeling...and Seattle is TERRIBLE against TE's. I'm in. I'm also the guy that dropped Elliott for Koo last week (and ironically dropped Koo for Gould this week) and maybe lightning will strike twice!  I researched it though. Ian is a great play this week number(s) wise.

  4. 33 minutes ago, League_Champion said:


    There's a lot more luck involved as opposed to taking chances. It's ok to take risks if they are calculated with some sense of theory behind it. Do what got you here. 

    I agree totally having played for all these years. Luck & injuries are absolutely the biggest factor.  Hell, the guy I'm playing tomorrow drafted Dalvin. I'm the guy who drafted Mattison with my last pick, and hung onto him until about 3 weeks ago. I played his injury tendencies, and it didn't pan out. Drafted David Johnson in the 2nd round. It really is a crap shoot & played FF since 90's, seriously, on friggin paper then. You have to be able to adapt & improvise. Most years, unless lucky, my team at the end of the year bears little semblance to the one I drafted. I won last week, in all honesty, because I made a kicker change. Had Elliott from the Eagles. Weather was going to be bad so switched to Koo from the Falcons because indoors & gets many attempts. Koo gets me 18.  You just have to dig scramble and find any edge you can. There is much more to fantasy football than meets the eye to the casual "player". It takes constant work, but it is a hoot, and maddening, at the same time. I have been so pissed I vowed that I am done, like some post here, but the next year, there I am, itching to play. Enough rant for now. Love this forum!