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  1. Is this that corn fed bastard from iowa?

  2. Yo penis ears hows it hangin:rolleyes:

    1. SLAYER


      Is this that corn fed bastard from Iowa?

    2. S_bone


      why yes it isĀ :headbang:

  3. Bronx is Burning

    Who plans on watching and what do you expect? Just kinda getting a feel of the huddlers view of this. The Yankees are my team and have been for a very long time. I remember that year and the Mr. October tag that Reggie got. Watching the previews i'm kinda disapointed in the Billy M. actor we'll see. I'll watch the first one or two then decide on the rest.
  4. Gettin my hippie on tomorrow

    Don't know what hippie generation you are from, that must be new generation hippie(if there is such a thing) What no brownies!
  5. The perfect thread

    Hi, I'm enjoying the Toronto vacation.
  6. Casa D'Ice

    Thanks, I like this guy.
  7. Casa D'Ice

    Anyone in the Pittsburgh area, know this place. It is North Versailes, the owner changes the sign on his place every week to voice his messages, for lack of a better word. I like this guy and have never met him. His messages are unpolitically correct but very truthful. If I was computer literate I would post some of them. but here is one. 1903 my g'father arrives in Ellis Island and must learn English to survive. 102 yrs. later in our own country we must push one to proceed in English what a crock of shiat. there are others about gas prices and other stuff. one more The seatbelt law is a giant money machine for townships. Ask law enforcement why 40 million children can ride a school bus twice a day without seat belts.
  8. Peyton Manning and the United Way/NFL

    Why, all they had to do was keep his water bottle full.
  9. Am I supposed to tip for a massage?

    On the serious side, yes 15-20%
  10. How Did Your Team Do in the Draft

    I'll get back to you still trying to digest it. walksawayreadingpapershakinghead
  11. Jazz Fest

    anybody heading out there this weekend?
  12. Computer software help

    thanks will try today.
  13. Computer software help

    I have a laptop that i bought about a year and half ago that has been laid up for a while >9mos. anyway when i bought it it had a six month ms offce deal that has expired. I have a ms office disc for my main pc. can i download this into my laptop using the provided product key and have it work properly or do i have to go buy a whole new setup.
  14. Baseball 1-10 Pool version #2

    now for the hard part getting 0,2,3, with the yankee line-up.
  15. Baseball 1-10 Pool

    Congrats and to do it with a walk off extra innings slammer, now watch the jays score 10 today. I sure was hoping it was a sac fly when he hit it.