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  1. Which one

    I would be trading DJ out of that group
  2. Which RB do I grab?

    Or do I not use my waiver and just use dobbins from my roster Ingram not or acting today
  3. Which RB do I grab?

    I need to pick up a RB this week to start due to byes.. the Seattle and SF backfield are mess do I grab Hyde Dallas Hasty Coleman (back from IR) or do I go for the some what safest guy Damien Harris vs the Bills and then next week he gets the jets...
  4. Pull the trigger?

    I give Cook and Auyik I get Rodgers Josh Jacobs and Junno Smith 10 team PPR
  5. Rank RB free agents

    Hyde DeeJay Dallas Hasty Damien Harris Tevin Coleman I have #3 waiver and need a RB a I have Carson out and J Rob on bye ... I usually wouldn’t use a #3 on these guys but between byes and injuries RBs go fast
  6. Swap any players out?

    I was thinking about dropping hasty I picked up this week with a lil buzz about the more I think about it there are too many RBs in SF.. I was thinking about dropping him for pollard .. if Connor and Zek get hurt this week I’ll be golden
  7. Swap any players out?

    Should I swap anyone off my roster for some one on my watch list .. any good stash beat the waiver wire guys out there?
  8. Pick up Tevin Coleman?

    I’m thinking about picking him up too I read there is an outside chance he plays in week 8 which doesn’t sound good I may wait to pick him up another week unless something changing ... I would wait and see if moss gets more involved this week against the jets
  9. I’m trying to decide this too... looks like Wilson might be in the mix too which makes it even more confusing .. I grabbed hasty to see what happens
  10. TE - Cook or Hurst

    Cook should see a good amount of targets this week
  11. Which Defense?

    I own the rams should I drop them for the eagles? Rams vs bears @mia bye eagles vs NYG @ Dal bye who should I go with?
  12. James Robinson for .....

    Anyone other opinions?
  13. James Robinson for .....

    That’s the only thing holding me back I would be thin at Rb after trade ... maybe dobbins will gain some value to fill the void?
  14. Should I be worried about James Robinson? I feel like he’s falling off a bit and should trade him before his value drops... am I overreacting? Thinking of offering him for Golloday... this manger needs RB help bad ... what do you guys think?
  15. Help me Add 2 players

    12 team PPR looking to drop 2 Shultz and gore and add 2 ... who do you guys like? Corey Davis Preston Williams Gio Benard Tevin Coleman Desean Jackson Sterling Shepard Geodert stash hand cuffs Snell Pollard