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  1. QB Help

    I want to but was dropped this morning and is now on waivers until next Thursday
  2. QB Help

    I’ve been streaming Qbs ever since I lost Dak earlier in the season... I’m in a 1 QB league but everyone hoards qbs ... 2 teams have 3 on their roster. Anyway Taysom Hill and Stafford were just dropped... nothing overly exciting but better then Tannehill Jones and Rivers just some of the guy who are Free Agents... should I a #2 waiver on Hill he’s @Den and @Atl then next 2 weeks. Stafford plays today and is on waivers since he was dropped this morning his next match is at the Bears ...not great. So do I start Tua vs the jets and claim T Hill vs Denver this week?
  3. Pull the trigger?

    Give Julio Fant Shepard Get Waller and JUJu what do you guys think? Accept it?
  4. ESPN waiver question

    Thanks I knew one of the sites did I just tried to put in a waivers claim and I never got an error message it let me submit it
  5. ESPN waiver question

    If you drop a player are you able to pick him back up through waiver or does he have to clear before you can get him back. I forget which site it was I thought you had to wait for the the player to clear before getting him back