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  1. OBJ tonight?

    Flex OBJ tonight or Michael Cater vs the Pats?
  2. Which TE??

    I was thinking the same thing
  3. Which TE??

    I’m in a jam with Knox on bye either drop Knox for geodert straight up or drop someone else and pick up geodert but keep Knox too
  4. Which TE??

    Which TE ROS Geodert or Knox
  5. Which WR

    Pittman or OBJ today? OBJ has been bad but squeaky wheel game coming?
  6. Am I gonna win?

    Update …up 18.5 He has Dan Carlson left
  7. Am I gonna win?

    .5 Ppr
  8. Am I gonna win?

    The Giants overtime made it a lot closer… he has Barkley and Golloday … +15 points for him
  9. Am I gonna win?

    Up 25 he’s got agulor and Dan Carlson left.. what are my chances?
  10. RB stash ?

    I have no IR spot in my league but have Junno to drop
  11. RB stash ?

    Too early too stash Jeff Wilson?
  12. Time to drop Shenault?

    Don’t worry about it man you are constantly helping on here.. I don’t think I’d ever start him over my other guys unless he blows up. Take away that 50 yard pass before the half and he didn’t do much else
  13. Time to drop Shenault?

    Too late dropped him before the game
  14. 12 team league he’s been pretty bad so far, time to cut him for a handcuff like AJ Dillon? My other receivers are Hill lamb obj Pittman and Bateman I don’t really feel like I need him what do you guys think?
  15. 12 team .5 PPR 2-1 record drop Junno Smith add Shultz drop Shenault add Tim Patrick drop Tony Jones JR add AJ Dillon what do you guys think?