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  1. Dobbins or Jacobs week 15

    Last minute bump still can't decide Jacobs in right now.
  2. Tough to Trust Jacobs — Him or JK

    What are u rolling with? I'm can't decide wether to sit Jacobs for Dobbins as well. Felix sitting him for Dobbins as a ballsy move but I pretty much given up Faith on seeing ceiling games from Jacob's
  3. Dobbins or Jacobs week 15

    Also have Cooper kupp and cam Akers and Darren Waller starting Scares me to have so much invested in two offenses
  4. I. My Semi’s need QB advice

    I'd probably stick with allen
  5. Jacobs or TY

    10 team ppr I feel like pushing the issue with Jacobs has really been killing me this year. Seems like the obvious trend is clunkers when playing from behind. What's up with the matchup with the chargers?
  6. Flex deebo or devante parker

    Is that deebo or parker? Thanks
  7. Whats the opinion on this.
  8. Pick 3 week 14

    10 team ppr Zeke Jacobs Gaskin Deebo