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  1. Best athlete - NO Number

    Except a little clay hole, actually.
  2. Best athlete - NO Number

    McEnroe is more known for his temper and on-court tirades than his achievements. If we took time right now, then yes, Sampras would be the best ever. However, at the pace he's going at, Federer has an excellent chance to eclipse Sampras.
  3. Where are they now?

    or...Correy Dillon? Any chance the Pats re-sign him for insurance?
  4. In the middle of my new keeper league draft now, and my 9th round pick is around the corner. I would like to add some RB depth (RBs have flown off the shelves), but am a little unsure of which one/s to go for as the only ones remaining are a hodge-podge mix of rookies and backups. Please rank these RBs, taking into consideration their potential production this year, as well keeper value 1-2 years ahead. Feel free to also add your opinions/analysis. 1) Kenny Irons (CIN) - Competing with injury-prone Chris Perry to be Rudi's backup. Even if he wins, Rudi does get 80-85% of the carries anyway. 2) Anthony Thomas (Buf) - Lost a step in recent years, but is he there to step in if Marshawn falters, or is he just there to mentor? 3) Chris Brown (Ten) - Turf toe. 3-headed RB monster. Iffy offense. Will he be given the first shot to produce? 4) Tony Hunt (Phi) - Heard he could be an effective 3rd-down back. Or will that be Buckhalter? 5) DeDe Dorsey (Ind) - Backing up Addai, how many opportunities will he get? 6) Sammy Morris (NE) - Maroney is somewhat injury-prone... 7) Brian Leonard (StL) - With SJax wanting to gain 5000 yards, this guy's probably just a handcuff, right? 8) Michael Robinson (SF) - Showed flashes of promise when Gore took a breather last year. Another handcuff? 9) Garrett Wolfe (Chi) - Tiny, tiny, tiny is all I've been reading about this guy. Will the Bears try to limit Benson's load by using the Wolfe? 10) Lorenzo Booker (Mia) - Again, how many opportunities will this guy get behind a young, established #1 RB? 11) Michael Pittman (TB) - Even if Caddy goes down, will probably not be the feature back. 12) Marcel Shipp (Ari) - Will ge be given carries to keep Edge fresh? Goal-line back?
  5. Rank the potential/value of these RBs

    Thanks BB. Urgh....the pickings...slim, they are.
  6. Brandon Jacobs

    1. Giants' suspect OL. 2. Droughns stealing carries 3. Eli's turnovers resulting in them playing catchup a lot
  7. Assume no-PPR, 4pts passing TDs, 6pts rushing/receiving TDs, and no first-round keepers. Which position/s would you want to draft in, and why?
  8. 16-team startup keeper draft

    Thanks guys. Btw BB, I'm starting to be thankful you're not in my division in JFA.
  9. Now....CPEP in a car accident...injures hand.

    Was he referring to his vehicular or football skills?
  10. Just participated in a quick and dirty mock this morning and wanted to get some of your opinions on which 1-3 team/s you think came out strong, and why. Results are here... Scoring: Passing 25yds = 1 TD = 6 INT = -2 Rush/Rec 10yds = 1 TD = 6 Kicking FG = 3 EP = 1 Def/ST TD = 6 Sack = 1 Turnover = 2
  11. 14-team redraft

    I've never been in a 14-team league, but we might have to expand to one this year. What is a good roster configuration which avoids a thin waiver wire, and also playoff setup for a head-to-head redraft league? I'm thinking -- 1QB 2RB 2WR 1TE 1K 1Def 5 Reserves Should we have a flex position? For playoffs I guess 6 would qualify, with the top 2 getting bye weeks...
  12. Culpepper all but gone

    Wouldn't he have less leeway in terms of going somewhere he wants to go, as trade bait, rather than as a free agent?
  13. Opinions on this 12-team mock

    Hey no problem; of course, you do realize that I won't be telling you which team I was in this draft
  14. QB transfer

    Well, we do need some QB depth after Booty is done this season.
  15. Off the top of my head -- Huddlers' Revenge All Huddle No Cuddle Illegal Formation Unnecessary Roughness Unsportsmanlike Conduct
  16. Looking to start a new league

    Looking good.
  17. Looking to start a new league

    Can you post the proposed rules/scoring?
  18. Specifically, I'm looking for a league with $50-$100 buyin, and no IDP...
  19. Looking to join a new Keeper league

    Thanks, but dynasty leagues are a little out of my league (no pun intended) right now...
  20. Leinart

    That's the break I needed...now I just need 12 points from LT and Gates.....c'mmoooooooon!
  21. Gates and Gore

    Rivers can't seem to hit the ocean from the boat. Hopefully the half-time break will turn things around...
  22. Which D to Start for the Super Bowl?

    I'm rolling with Indy.
  23. Tonight's game on the internet?

    Channel 6003. working fine for me.
  24. Julius or Arlen?

    Julius @ Atl or Arlen @ GB? Julius is obviously the proven back here, but he doesn't get many touches (see: MB), nor does he score much. Arlen is unproven and the new feature back but he's got a good matchup. Question is, will the Lions be throwing all day?