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  1. For my flex

    Exactly my point haha.
  2. For my flex

    Sutton. Catches anything coming his way and Jeudy still out.
  3. Can I make it through my big bye week.

    I had a backup QB but dropped him for a kicker. I didnt want to drop Bass for another kicker. He has won 2 games for me already. He has been pretty consistent with higher numbers. But, most of the league only has one QB so it wont be a problem to stream a QB on Staffords bye. I got MT very late in the draft hoping he would come back and help me when in the playoffs. Also, there is a bunch of kickers so I can always change out last minute if I have to. Just figured Ten kicker could do well this week.
  4. Can I make it through my big bye week.

    Some on that league is talking to me about sending me Gibson for Gordon and one my WR's. Thinking about what I should send him. Im fine with sending Gordon but I dont know which WR.
  5. Can I make it through my big bye week.

    I used to have JRob but I traded him for Ridley.
  6. So I got both my main RBs and kicker on bye this week. So I have to resort to playing Gaskin, Gordon, and picking up a kicker(not dropping Bass) this week. Hoping my WRs and QB show up this week to make it by. What yall think about the line up I have set up this week. I was hoping to start using MT this week but looks like I will have to wait another couple weeks which is fine. I need him for the playoff push (hoping he is one of the top WRs again after his injury). The only options on the WW for RB's is Ingram, Stevenson, and Freeman so yeah not much to choose from. Im in a 12 man full ppr league.
  7. Im down 8 points going into tonight game. I have Tyler Bass left who is Bills kicker. Dude has been dropping 8+ every game except for one where he got 4. Do yall think he can pull the dub off? ESPN has him ranked as the No. 1 kicker right now.
  8. Which TE this week?

  9. Is this trade good?

    He wants to try and do something to get some wins. He is 11 of 12 right now. Only 2 wins which were barley wins. His Wr havent been performing and he was willing to give up Najee or Swift for a WR trade.
  10. Is this trade good?

    Well I have Kupp, MT, Ridley, TY. and Tim Patrick. So Im not afraid to trade Pittman for Julio hoping he will pick up during the season. I figured Swift or Harris will give me bigger returns then Gaskins. Im trying to sell Pittman and Gaskins while their trade value is high because I think it will go down in a week or two.
  11. Is this trade good?

    So my brother in law needs more WR help and I need RB help. Should I sell Pittman and Gaskin for Najee or Swift and Julio? Try to sell Gaskin high because of last week. Also, try to sell Pittman before TY comes back. I put it in a few calculators and the trade looks pretty even but I am not sure. What yall think?
  12. WDIS Help

    Anyone else?
  13. WDIS Help

    I set my line up for this week. Any changes yall think I should make? I know the Cook/Mattison situation will always flip flop to whoever starts that week. .
  14. Desperate at TE

    I would like to agree with this but they will dump it off to Collins or Homer/Deejay. Its either Deejay or Homer is the pass catching RB.
  15. WDIS at Flex

    Smith. QBs have been able to light up that Def and Hurts will do it as well.