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  1. Keep Kamara or Akers?

    Keep Kamara. He will play at a high level no matter what. That line is to good for them not run and dump off to him. They will use him just as much as Brees did. He is also a way better pass catcher and they also like to put him out wide and put Murray in the backfield.
  2. Julio Jones to The Titans

    I think this helps Russel Gage alot. He was a solid NO. 3 and did well when Julio was hurt. Ridley will get his work no matter what but I think Gage will get alot of work since Pitts and Ridley will be coated with defenders.
  3. Dynasty trade advice

    I know right. Use just RB in flex haha. If I can get Zeke and trade off Fournette for something around the value of Kupp I think I will be set for awhile.
  4. Dynasty trade advice

    Well I have Kamara, A-Jones, C. Carson, L. Murray, and Fournette. I figured I could upgrade my dynasty at RB and also get a young promising WR that has a better QB now. Im also shopping Fournette for another WR. We have 3 flex spots.
  5. Dynasty trade advice

    Right now I have a trade someone is trying to send me. He send me Zek and Shenault. I send K. Allen, C. Carson and 2022 2nd. Do yall think is a even trade and which side would you rather have?
  6. Rodgers wants out of GB

    There is alot of people pulling for Rodgers going to the Saints. I would be thrilled but we cant afford him. I doubt Payton would bite on getting him.
  7. NOS receivers?

    I think Callaway will have a bigger role this year but dont count out Harris, Baker, and Smith. If they let Winston sling a little more these deep threat guys will be putting in work.
  8. Rank Your Teams Draft

    Yeah I dont see him starting this year either depending injury. Im talking next year he has a good chance to start if he develops well.
  9. Rank Your Teams Draft

    If he starts to destroy teams I can see the Saints signing him to a longer contract. But if he struggles I can see Ian Book to take over depending on his progress this season. He has a high ceiling in my opinion. He gives me Wilson vibes a little bit.
  10. Rank Your Teams Draft

    I think Saints had a better draft then last year. After looking at each player we drafted I would give them B+. A lot of potential there if these guy put in the work. Turner (1st) could be a a great replacement for Trey since he left and also Davenport is always hurt. He needs to learn as much as he can from Cam. Werner (2nd) didn't do to much looking at him but looks like he can start right away along side Davis. He can also benefit a lot from learning from Davis. Paulson (3rd) was a good value pick where we got him. He can probably start day one when we will need him to if the Lattimore situation goes south. With a little work he can be on the Lattimore level. Book (4th) I think this guy has a lot of potential. I watch a couple highlight reels of him and I can see some Russell Wilson type plays with him. He can throw pretty accurate and can move to create more time for the receivers. With a little Payton magic he can be our next starter. But, they need to invest time into him. I wish we could of drafted him last year and let him learn from Brees. Young (6th) didn't look at him to much either but looks like he can be a solid tackle. Payton will need to have him learn more of the right side so he can be more versatile. He will benefit a lot from learning from the veterans. Baker (7th) He looks like he can be a big threat after the catch for us. I would say a poor mans Kamara if he was a WR. With some work he can be a good WR along side Thomas. I can see him shining with Winston or Book at QB but not Taysom. All this is just some initial thoughts about these guys. I still don't know a ton about them, This is just from videos I seen of them and hearing discussions about them. I am no expert. @rajncajn What you think?
  11. Who should my keeper be?

    I think Dobbins will be a good keeper now that Mark is gone. You will almost have a back to back pick so you can scoop up two high value RBs in that draft.
  12. Keeper Question

    I would say JT but since they signed Mack I really dont know what his value will be now. So I think your safest best is Mahomes.
  13. Saints restructure deal with Michael Thomas

    So far it looks like the saints are doing the best job making cap. Sucks we had to let go of some decent players players.