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  1. Who should my keeper be?

    I think Dobbins will be a good keeper now that Mark is gone. You will almost have a back to back pick so you can scoop up two high value RBs in that draft.
  2. Keeper Question

    I would say JT but since they signed Mack I really dont know what his value will be now. So I think your safest best is Mahomes.
  3. Saints restructure deal with Michael Thomas

    So far it looks like the saints are doing the best job making cap. Sucks we had to let go of some decent players players.
  4. So right now I am not sure what to do. I heard Haskins is playing QB. Is Terry a must start still against a crappy Seahawk secondary? Im trying to decided my WR and Flex spot for the semi finals. Who yall think should be my WR2 and Flex? I had to sit Keenan Allen since he was on a rep count. Thank god I did. Cooper vs. SF McLaurin vs. SEA Lockett vs. Was Zeke vs. SF Anderson vs. GB Boyd vs. Pit
  5. Pick my rb2

  6. Pick 1

    Carson if Mostert is out. If he is playing you play him.
  7. Tough decision! Pick my RB!

    If Mostert is out you play Jeff Wilson all day. If Mostert does then Hunt would be a good play.
  8. Below is my team. Who do you think I should start this week? Its the first round of the playoffs and im in a full point ppr league.
  9. Tonyan or Goedert?

  10. Always picking the wrong one of late

  11. Available Bench slot....who to grab?

    Pollard would be a good handcuff going into the playoffs just incase Zeke gets hurt.