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  1. Week 2 of the championship advice

    Metcalf has to start. Not so sure that Hunt isn't the better play over Ekeler as well.
  2. Idiot Kickers

    Way behind heading into week 2 of our two week SuperBowl. Looking for the highest ceiling across the board. I have been rolling with Blankenship for weeks, but he is at Pittsburg where kickers go to die (projected high of 41*, partly cloudy, 10mph winds) Highest ranking available in order on the waiver wire include Bass (BUF) at NE Monday night (upper 30's game time, 20 mph winds). Nugent (AZ) at home vs SF Fairbairn (HOU) at home vs Cin Probably rolling with Nugent...thoughts?
  3. Allen @ NE Monday Night Murray vs SF Saturday. Who say you? I am way behind heading into the second week of our two week SB...and am looking for the highest ceiling play across the board. Most FF sites have KM ahead of JA this week...but hard to sit JA.
  4. Who say you? Zeke is out, RoJo is out..
  5. Agholar...or ?? Fast Help needed.

    What makes it tough is I am rolling with K Allen tonight as well.
  6. I have Nelson in my lineup right now. Interesting for sure with Ruggs out. But have Chark on the bench. But could snag S Watkins R Higgins or Tim Patrick off waivers. What say you? Thanks for nothing Will Fuller! Thanks for nothing Deebo!
  7. Don't Laugh at My Question

    Agree with above. Stick to a dome game.
  8. Need Playoff Advice

  9. You should actually drop Zeke right now and hope your opponent picks him up and starts him. Now that would be a Win-Win!
  10. Do I sit my first round pick this week?

    Doesn't matter where you drafted them at this point. But I could see CEH outperforming Dobbins this week. Dobbins is running well and could see him "sit" in favor of Edwards once they get a decent lead. Chiefs OTOH ...look what Sanders did to NO last week.
  11. 1 PPR Thanks to Gaskin and CMC taking a seat again, need to fill the flex for the semi-finals this week. Last week I absolutely over-analyzed and stunk up the joint. Almost don't trust myself anymore. On my Roster Gurley Chark Some guys the Waiver Wire: Latavious Murray Gabriel Davis R Higgins Gallup S Ahmed Peyton Barber K Kirk P Lindsay AJ Green Bowden Gus Edwards Kendrick Bourne (no Deebo) Ito Smith Tim Patrick Nelson Agholar Darius Slayton Zack Ertrz Jared Cook would you roll?
  12. Which crap TE?

  13. K Murray or Josh Allen

    I have the same decision and am rolling with Allen this week.
  14. I flipped a coin and in landed on edge. Help!
  15. Both are on my roster. Could also drop one for Fulgham, Ruggs or Perriman. Who say you?