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  1. Flex who?

    Anyone else?
  2. Flex who?

    If he is a no go?
  3. Flex who?

    Other potential Flex options: Akers Gore Sammy Watkins Or play a 2nd TE with Engram
  4. Flex who?

    I could drop Mattison and put Slayton, R. Higgins, J. Meyers, or Reagor in as Flex. Thoughts? The Steelers and Ravens game looks like there is a slim chance of it happening so Conner and D. Johnson will be out, here would be my lineup: QB: Herbert RB: Monty RB: Moss WR: Diggs WR: M. Thomas Flex: Edmonds, Ballage (if healthy), or possibly Slayton vs. Cin, J. Meyers vs. Az, R. Higgins vs. Jac, or Reagor vs. Seattle TE: Waller
  5. Conner or Gus Bus?

    Lol, yes!
  6. Conner or Gus Bus?

    Conner is probably the answer but who would you prefer? .5ppr
  7. Flex who?

  8. Flex who?

    Moss vs. Chargers Ballage vs. Bill's Diontae Johnson vs. Ravens Thoughts?
  9. Pick one rb

    Yeah Duke for sure
  10. WW pick up advice?

    RBS- Conner, Monty. Ballage, Edmonds, Moss WRS- Diggs, M. Thomas, D. Johnson, Golladay
  11. WW pick up advice?

    Rank these pick ups- Mattison, Akers, Corey Davis, Debo?
  12. Accept this?

  13. Accept this?

    I know I said I couldn't afford to lose more WR depth but got an offer of my Diggs for M. Sanders. Thoughts? I was planning on picking up Corey Davis off WW.
  14. Running Backs Question

    I would still flex Monty over Gallman
  15. Running Backs Question

    Yeah I would pick up Gallman, I think he carved out enough see more action and to be a better handcuff.