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  1. Rb ppr

    Gibson for me
  2. Rb ppr

    Yep, stay with you have in
  3. Start Dj Moore?

    Over Claypool?
  4. Start Dj Moore?

  5. Start Dj Moore?

    .5ppr - Do I start Moore over Aiyuk or Claypool?
  6. TE Replacement

  7. What to do here...

  8. What to do here...

    Now drop Julio for AJ Green?
  9. OBJ vs Mike Williams

    OBJ looks like will be out of Sundays game due to covid; the whole Rams team is actually in intensive covid protocol, so are the Browns.
  10. What to do here...

    .5ppr - Hold onto Hilliard or drop him for Jordan Howard or McKissic? Also, drop the Broncos D (vs. Cinci) for Browns (vs. Vegas), Rams (vs. SEA) Eagles (vs. WFT) or keep the Broncos D?
  11. I'd start Kyler over Stafford. Ramsey is out just an fyi.
  12. Conner or Michel?

    Edmonds was not activated. Ramsey is on the Covid list and that goes with Higbee.