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  1. Is Ayuik the play?

    Yeah I am with the experts on this one
  2. New offer was sent to me, thoughts?

    Right but I would have to rely on Fournette next week as my RB2 as I would have had Edmonds plugged in.
  3. New offer was sent to me, thoughts?

    I'm 3-4 and in 9th place so if I lose this week I would need a win next. Thoughts with that?
  4. .5PPR - I give Edmonds and get Chubb? The only issue I do have with that is that I would have to rely on Fournette vs Saints and Conner vs Cowboys as my RBs for next week. But I have Hunt which I can see beneficial. Thoughts? RBs- Hunt, Conner, Sanders, Edmonds, Moss
  5. D. Harris or Moss ROS?

    .5ppr - I know they are both not sexy but who would you rather have stashed? I am assuming Moss but thought I'd ask.
  6. Zeke for Henry

    Agree 100% here
  7. Zeke for Henry

    In a heartbeat
  8. Tim Patrick or Rashard Higgins

    Doesn't Patrick have a hammy issue?
  9. Flex Higgins or Fournette

    Tee Higgins to be clear
  10. .5PPR - My gut says Higgins as Burrow will be throwing a lot vs the Titans. Thoughts?
  11. Two offers in for Zeke

    Good call, cant let go Golladay
  12. Do you have to drop Williams for Scott?
  13. Yes but being non-PPR Williams will get touches and he can produce with them. Scott is enticing but he is better with the pass than on the ground. That's my thoughts.
  14. Hyde for non-PPR but monitor his hamstring issue. Williams if he is banged up.