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  1. Pick up Sutton?

    He hasn't just faded as of late...he's had 3 good games out of 11 games played this year. The rest have been duds. I would look elsewhere
  2. Pick 2

    Conner and Wilson
  3. ROS - AJBrown or DJMoore??

    I like AJ more. His QB is a more capable passer than Cam Newton is
  4. 14 team, .5 PPR league. I need to pick one of these guys to start this week at Flex, who would you go with? Wilson Jr at Jacksonville (Mitchell is listed as Doubtful so Wilson should get a full workload) Gibson at Carolina
  5. Schultz, Hockenson or Arnold?

    Schultz, especially with Cooper out this week
  6. Hopkins is officially out this week so need to go with someone else. Which option would you start? 10 team, non PPR league... Tee Higgins at Las Vegas Brandin Cooks at Tennessee Brandon Aiyuk at Jacksonville
  7. Schultz or Goedert?

    I consider those two guys nearly identical, both part of the large 2nd tier of TEs this year. Their remaining schedules have a couple common opponents also. The one differentiator for me is that Goedert still has a bye week coming up, Schultz does not. So I'd lean Schultz
  8. QB / WR trade

    stay put
  9. DST - NE or Cleveland

    Thanks everyone! The NE defense has me off to a perfect start this week (plus I also had Folk going).
  10. Sutton or Bateman

    Why not drop one of your other TEs (Conklin or Thomas) instead of Sutton?
  11. I'm up against the top team in my league this weekend and the projections are close so every point will be important. Would you start the NE defense on the road against Atlanta (Thursday night game) or Cleveland at home this Sunday against Detroit? I think they're both really good options but curious who people favor out of the two. Thanks in advance.
  12. QB for W12 - Mahomes on bye

    @Montana is da Man I assume you mean D. Jones right?
  13. QB for W12 - Mahomes on bye

    haha, I know...leaves a bad taste doesn't it?
  14. Which Receiver To Add?

    Does your league not have a TE requirement? I would keep or trade Pitts if you do have a TE slot. I like Devonta Smith best out of that group
  15. Claypool question

    I like Moore out of that group