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  1. Trade advice

    Conundrum. I started my league 1-2, I had the number one pick in the draft and took Saquon Barkley. I’m trying to decide between 2 trains of though. Train A) (way I’m leaning), trade Barkley. If I keep him I’ll probably be out of playoff contention by the time he comes back. Some team in contention should still want him for a playoff push/run. My issue here, is what would be considered fair value in a trade for him now. My other option would be to hold him and see if there is a small chance he’s back in 4 weeks, if so, there’s a chance he could turn my season around. If it looks closer to 8 weeks at that point, he still has trade value for a playoff contender and the playoff picture will be a little clearer by then? Advice on which scenario and trade value?