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  1. I’m gonna play contrarian and say Tannehill. Brown is out but MIN is out two starting CB. Their pass defense is very likely going to suffer and Tanny has been straight fire while BOB has been leading Watson down the crapper with glass receivers. PITs defense is also stout.

  2. Hey Irish! I lucked out and beat #2 in the league and get to go up against #1 in the league now. She has all the heaviest hitters: CMC, D. Cook, Thomas, Evans, Dak Prescott, etc...So I reallllly need to put my all into this!


    Here is my current lineup after toying with waivers a bit...



    Here is my bench...




    Should I make any changes? Or attempt to find someone better on waivers? 6 man PPR league. 

  3. Cousins is ranked second best in the league when not under pressure. Seattle ranks 30th in the league for pressure.


    Should be a good game for cousins, although Darnold is going against awful Cinci. I’m in the same boat, trying to decide.