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  1. Just now, Corn on the Randall cobb said:

    i would pick up fant.

    I can probably wait that one out to see if Engram gets better, and if he doesn’t then drop him for Fant. I know the second Njoku is active someone will take him though, hence my stress.

  2. I have Kelce, Henry and Engram.


    Two on BYE and Engram injures.


    Njoku comes back allegedly this week off IR and he’s available. Also... On waivers, we have Ebron, Fant, McDonald.


    Do I hold off and see what happens with Engram? 

    Do I jump the gun and try to snag Njoku now before someone picks him up? I would have to drop Engram (Not a huge deal I have Kelce and Henry.)


    Need advice!

  3. Gurley put up good numbers this week. With Cooks and Woods out, McVay seems to have shifted his approach on offense and we are seeing the Rams run game come back a little bit. 


    Is this a result of two key WR being out exclusively? Or should we expect more of the run from the Rams? 


    Can we trust Gurley again yet?

  4. 1 minute ago, xKMAN83x said:

    Ingram and Coleman

    The last time I ran Coleman against the Cardinals he got me 5 points, but even the projected stats are calling for 15-16 points or so. It just makes me nervous considering last times performance.


    What reason would you play him over the other two choices? Genuinely curious, not being snarky.

  5. M. Ingram @ Texans

    K. Drake @ 49ers

    T. Gurley @ Bears

    T. Coleman @ Cardinals


    Pick 2 to start.


    Edit: I have been getting murdered on my choice for RB for the last month. I really need some help!

  6. Coleman let me down HARD last week with 5 points against Arizona. I just picked Monty up off waivers, but his matchup does seem favorable.


    Benching Carson pains me, and I am very uncertain about it.


    I think I am going to roll Ingram/Monty unless someone can make a convincing argument for Carson.

  7. 10 minutes ago, Montana is da Man said:








    How do you see Kelce's performance with Moore throwing to him, and KC probably pushing more on the run game with Mahomes out?

  8. QB:

    Brady @ CLE

    Watson @ OAK



    Gurley @ CIN

    Carson @ ATL

    Coleman @ CAR



    Edelman @ CLE

    Godwin @ TEN

    Sutton @ IND



    Engram @ DET

    Kelce @ GB

    Henry @ CHI


    Right now it looks like this:


    QB: Watson

    RB: Gurley

    RB: Carson

    WR: Edelman

    WR: Godwin

    TE: Engram

    FLX: Sutton


    Leaving flex options of Henry, Kelce, and Coleman. Other (2) players on BYE.