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  1. Kelce @ GB

    Engram @ DET

    Henry @ CHI


    Kelce cons = No mahomes throwing to him. 

    Engram cons = Scored a whopping 1.6 points against ARI this past week (who allows most TE points in the league) because he couldn't catch or Jones wasn't throwing well?

    Henry cons = Going against a stout CHI defense this week.

  2. 15 hours ago, E man said:

    Poor choice....whyyyyyy

    First time I played Engram this season and this happens... All the signs pointed towards him having an exceptional game. I know at least 3 times I checked, he had a missed reception for whatever reason.


    Anyone that watche the game -- was this because he couldn't catch or because it was being thrown like trash to him?

  3. Right now I have Fuller in my WR2 position, with Cooper unlikely to play and Godwin on BYE. Problem is, the colts have a pretty good pass defense and I can't see Fuller doing much.


    I can drop him or someone else and float the WR2 position this weekend. Here are my options...


    1. R. Woods @ ATL

    2. C. Ridley @ LAR

    3. S. Diggs @ DET

    4. A Robinson @ NO

    5. G. Tate @ ARI

    6. D. Westbrook @ CIN

    7. B. Cooks @ ATL


    Stick with Fuller, or pick up someone else in favor of matchup opportunity? I was thinking Tate or Cooks, but IDK.

  4. 13 minutes ago, turbotooslow said:

    He did have 5 more catches for 50+ yards. I don't think the TD pass was was lucky he didn't drop it I suppose but seemed like a designed play that worked.

    I guess I just saw it differently. The coverage was tight all night by NE, and he almost dropped it.


    The 5REC/50YDS is fair, but did anyone expect much more than that?

  5. I avoid using my gut and try to find out things like cornerback vs receiver matchups, rushing/passing/overall yards allowed per defense, review injuries, etc... Keeping tabs on ESPN helps a lot as they cover a lot of information mentioned as well...


    I try to find as much evidence towards who -- on paper, and statistically supported -- has the best chance at a good/normal game, and who will have a harder time. I can't really account for potential breakout/busts, as it just seems to be luck of the draw.


    That TD catch by Tate last night seemed really lucky (no offense to any fans, and not to insult him. Patriots secondary is vicious, as you saw.) Minus that TD catch, he didn't really do much. On paper and outside of that catch, her performed about as expected. Crazy stuff happens though, you can't really account for it when making a decision to bench/play.

  6. Gordon a safer bet for both leagues I think.


    1: Gordon will get more opportunities downfield for big plays against the Giants, especially with Dorsett out. Eagles D is solid and Diggs still isn't getting much attention.

    2: Pats defense is allowing 7 points or less per game, and none come from passes. Tate may have a hard time.

  7. SF has a solid pass and rush defense, and Kupp gets most of the load... Risky to play Cooks here I think.


    Williams will be going up against PB, which has a seemingly middle of the road pass defense. Might be a safer bet.


    Cooks was also listed as questionable, last I checked so you wanna keep eyes on that.