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  1. Evans is an explosive boom or bust. Juju is a great WR, but Rudolph/Hodges can't use him the way Ben does and I don't expect that to change with as many wildcard plays and running plays as PB is doing with Ben out the ROS. 


    Allen is at minimum running average points this season, with bigger reaches and Kerryon seems to be a consistent RB, though not getting many explosive games.


    Evans would be an amazing pickup, but you would almost be relying on his amazing games to pull you ahead.


    My two cents.

  2. That is exactly how I have it currently. Appreciate the feedback! It validates my decision a little more.


    I was thinking Gurley at SF is a hard sell, seeing as their D is lit right now. But to be fair, TB defense is great against rushing, but Gurley managed to run 2 TD's. So it doesn't mean a whole lot that he can't run the ball much if they manage to get the ball into the redzone.

  3. Nobody in my league wants to trade. It just isn't going to happen I'm afraid...


    With that said, I managed to drop Ross from CIN and pick up Godwin. I also dropped Hardman and picked up R. Woods, and Dorsett and picked up Gallman as an extra RB.


    Here is my updated roster:

    QB: Brady @ WAS

    RB: Gurley @ SEA (18.7 points)

    RB: Ingram @ PIT

    WR: Edelman @ WAS

    WR: Cooper @ GB

    TE: Kelce @ IND

    FLX: Godwin @ NO

    D/ST: TEN @ BUF

    K: Tucker @ PIT



    QB: Watson

    RB: Carson, Gallman

    WR: Cooks, Woods

    TE: Engram, Andrews


    Should I shift any pieces around, or stay?

  4. According to ESPN, the most favorable matchup for a QB this week goes to Brady @ WAS. 


    I also have Brady who I currently have playing, but also have Watson. Since Watson is a highly mobile QB who will run the ball into the endzone, I am torn. In this case though, based on everything I am reading up on -- Brady over Wentz.


    There are more knowledgeable guys here than I, though. The Jets defense has also allowed a lot of points.

  5. Hi all, I am new to fantasy this year and it's not going as well as I'd like. I am in a 6 man league, so everyone pretty much has top tier players. I am looking to improve how I position my lineups each week, and need to know what to look for when making those decisions. I would also like to see what my current lineup lacks, as I am not the most knowledgeable about depth.


    This weeks performance really killed me. Here is how I scored this week.


    QB: D. Watson @ CAR for 11.6

    RB: T. Gurley @ TB for 26

    RB: M. Ingram @ CLE for 8.1

    WR: J. Edelman @ BUF for 7

    WR: A. Cooper @ NO for 9.8

    TE: T. Kelce @ DET for 15.5

    FLX: B. Cooks @ TB for 13.1

    D/ST: GB @ PHI for -1

    K: J. Tucker @ CLE for 6


    Total: 96.1


    On my bench, I have...


    QB: Tom Brady

    RB: C. Carson

    WR: P. Dorsett, J. Ross, and M. Hardman

    TE: E. Engram and M. Andrews


    Do you guys have any advice for maybe what I should look for, or what I am lacking? Anything at all at this point would be helpful, as the people I am playing with are scoring 110-150 each week.

  6. Currently sitting with:


    1. Ingram

    2. Carson

    3. Gurley


    I’ve been playing Carson and Gurley and getting nowhere. So frustrating!!


    I now have Gurley and Ingram up, and most other decent RBs in my league are taken.


    Should I keep what I have and see what happens or drop Carson for:


    1. Gallman

    2. Lindsay

    3. Thompson

    4. Montgomery