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  1. 12 Team Standard League Kirk is riding my bench since I have Chark, Hopkins and Moore. What is a fair price I could get for Kirk?
  2. Mack for Montgomery?

    Standard scoring 12 team league.
  3. Drop Mayfield?

    When did you draft Mayfield? If he was a high (relative) draft pick then I would hold onto him and wait for some good games and try to get at least something for him.
  4. Waivers Tonight! Pick up Gordon?

    Yeah drop Montgomery for Gordon.
  5. Carson Wentz or Kyle Allen

    I'm a Panthers fan so take that into consideration but I honestly would start Allen.
  6. Diggs Or Mclaurin?

    Got to roll with Mclaurin against the Giants
  7. Trade Waller for Melvin Gordon?

    I would keep Kittle and sell Waller. Try to get Gordon or Ingram. Kerryon would be the 3rd option for me and then Conner.
  8. Pick 2 RB

    Carson and Ingram
  9. I like Metcalf going forward. Hardman is always going to be nice to have with Mahomes throwing him the ball. I’m not sold on MVS yet. I don’t like Sutton. If I was you I’d hold onto Ross, if only for another week because he may just surprise you. If you really want to let him go, I’d recommend Metcalf or Hardman.
  10. Trade Advise ... Brisett or Goff ?

    Goff has been disappointing but I worry about Brisset’s lack of consistency in his playing career. I’d keep Goff
  11. Hopkins for Mccaffrey?

    It is standard scoring.
  12. Hooper for Michel?

    I like that trade for you.
  13. I wouldn't make the trade. Too much risk involved, either one could en up having a great season.
  14. Who do i drop?

    I would drop Ross.