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  1. Good Morning Irish! Well, I won the 3rd place game this week, so all good there. And I don’t feel so bad about benching Hurts for my semifinal matchup last week, because even if I made it to the championship game I would have lost. Anyway, I greatly appreciate your help during this season of crazy injuries (lost Dak, and CMC played all of 3 games for me) and COVID players. Looking forward to working with you next year! Thanks again Irish! Have a safe, healthy, and Happy New Year! Slim
  2. Yep, that’s how I currently have my WR2 and Flex. I actually already picked up the Texans, but the Cards are still available.
  3. Merry Christmas Irish! Hopefully today finds you and your family happy and healthy! I need a WR2 and a Flex out of these please in a half ppr: Emmanuel Sanders Chase Claypool T.Y. Hilton Curtis Samuel Tony Pollard Jeff Wilson Jr. Ito Smith AB Rashard Higgins Also, I'm going to stream a DST this week since Pitt totally let me down last week. Who do you like between Arizona, Houston, and Buffalo? Thank you! Slim
  4. Well that was disappointing. Maybe next year Irish. I’ll be playing for 3rd place this week.
  5. Hey Irish, I really appreciate your help. Hopefully I’ll need it again next week! Go Pittsburgh DST!
  6. The thought process was correct on using Goedert and Goff over Fant and Hurts. If even just Goff had a decent game I’d be looking good. That was an epic failure by the Rams. I still have a chance with the Pittsburgh DST tomorrow! It does hurt to look at all those points on my bench though! Lol
  7. I’m having heart palpitations over here! Yes, I would have already won with either one. However, my opponent is finished, and I’m down 11 points with the Pittsburgh defense still to go.
  8. Oh geez. Watching Hurts is making me ill.
  9. Ugh! Hopefully Goff has to start slinging it now.
  10. He and Swift are giving me a chance!
  11. Okay Irish, final call. Hurts or Goff?
  12. Not sure it matters. I'm getting rolled. Going against Ryan, Ridley, Henry, Montgomery, among others. So you don't think Goff throws for 5 touchdowns today?
  13. Irish! Ugh! I’m already projected to lose by 20! Gonna need serious upside from whichever QB I play this afternoon!