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  1. Boston Scott or A Rob

    Gage is on waivers, could claim and flex?
  2. Boston Scott or A Rob

    Yeah… thanks Calvin Ridley. ive rode the a rob train all year so I feel like I mine as well start him, but Scott might end up putting up at least 10 points anyway today, and probably more upside. Thoughts?
  3. Get Ekeler?

    12 team PPR? JFC I hope you’re in first lol. This roster is insane
  4. Calvin Ridley’s value

    Yeah 100%. My year is basically shot, because I’ve flown my flag on the Allen Robinson turnaround that has never happened, and he was like a 4/5 RD can’t remember. Ridley picked 2 Rd. So been burnt the whole year. If he doesn’t start getting 18-25 a week there is 0 chance I can make playoffs lol. I agree as well, if I were you I wouldn’t take fournette for him either.
  5. Jalen Hurts

    I have hurts, and tannehill has been on waivers all year. Luckily I have him riding the pine. Eagles fan here.. there should ride out hurts but I’m riding him until sirianni says Minshew will start… If that ever happens.
  6. Calvin Ridley’s value

    Laughable yes, but for the fact that I have Ridley and I would 100/100 never accept that trade. I payed rd2 picking Ridley which is of course burning me this year since he hasn’t produced, but there’s no chance I’d ever do that. Given current state and usage, I would probably take him for fournette since fournette seems to be bellcow in TB now. But, with how it’s gone for him, Ridley low value so unless you think that would be a smart play for you, there really isn’t anything indicating you’d be better off having Ridley vs fournette. I am sure if you really wanted to upgrade and the situation was right you could do fournette+ 1 of your WR and probably get someone who has been better than Ridley this far
  7. Other party’s team is Burrow at QB, Zeke and Henry, Debo Samuel and Jefferson as their core… If this goes through, I could stream QBs and at least with Henderson get some stability at RB, and stop killing myself flexing ARob. Thoughts?
  8. Trade Allen Robinson for Amari Cooper?

    You do, but no one has faith in A rob. I’ve started him every week which mine as well be the definition of insanity. For my sake I hope he can get anywhere close to previous numbers but it’s not looking good this year. As an Eagles Fan, Dallas Offense is a threat. Way more upside with Cooper so other person probably won’t even consider
  9. How Can I upgrade?

    Hi everyone, I know it’s still “early” but I’m bound for 2-4 with some dumb luck last week and some this week… that’s fantasy. anyway my team-PPR Hurts Swift Hunt T. Hill Ridley Ertz flex, Allen Robinson who I’ve been paying dearly for, started Quez Watkins this week rams and cards Def Carlson K bench is Elijah mitchel, Jamal Williams (cuff) pascal, mike Davis, IR George Kittle(sick) mike Davis On paper I need a better flex option or a better RB, but idk who I could get rid of to upgrade.. maybe Kittle + Hunt for someone? Or Jalen Hurts + Hunt for a non mobile Qb and RB upgrade? Hurts also has week 13 bye which could be make or break for me. Before this week games I offered Kittle, Hunt, A rob for Kennan Allen and Chris Carson, which was declined and the same 3 for d hop and was declined as well. Only giving that for perspective not saying that was a great or bad offer. Thanks for any suggestions
  10. A rob/Ridley and Kittle for D. Adams?

    I like to go high value WR in PPR, and though “hope is not a strat” try to get some RB2 guys and hope to luck out. last year I had Gurley who kept falling into the end zone, and I picked up Gibson which was basically a waiver of the year type add.
  11. A rob/Ridley and Kittle for D. Adams?

    To the above comment, yes correct a combination of one or the other and Kittle. I could give them both, as I do also have Tyreek Hill, but that would be stupid to give up 2 projected top 10s for 1 top 10 WR For those wondering about how I have this WR core... yes I have low end RB 2s as my starters. Lol
  12. Are any of these options fair? D. Adams person has hockenson as their TE. I’ve had Davante on my team 2 years in a row. I know it’s all dependent on rest of my team etc but I am looking to see if that would be fair? Their other starter is Ceedee Lamb, Gus edwards their flex
  13. Both have tough-ish matchups.. Higgins been consistent throughout but MT is done for year
  14. Tonyan or Hurst?

    Who to start? every time I start tonyan he does nothing.. and I traded for hurst( kittle out) and he has been meh. Thoughts?
  15. Ekeler and Mckissic or Carson and Swift? Ekeler and Swift both have solid playoff schedules