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  1. Putting it out there.. idk if it will effect your lineup or not. Might start Jackson over Gibson because of it
  2. Diontae/Claypool/Antonio/Higgins pick 1

    I think you have to wait to see how clay pool will be with full strength Steelers offense. I think Higgins just off how consistent he’s been, and also Boyd and A.J. green take a lot of attention
  3. Who’d you rather start for flex? I’ve been pleasantly surprised with some decent output from Higgins, keelan lowest score is 8.3 this year so decent floor with him. Thoughts?
  4. Kittle and Leveon for Dhop?

    Russ Wilson, Antonio Gibson, Gurley, Davante Adams, Julio, Kittle, flexing Tee Higgins, then Kicker and D/ST. I know my RB is weak but I prefer high target Wide receivers in PPR. Currently 4-2 Leveon Valdez Scant tannehil Tonyan brian hill Justin Jackson
  5. Thinking of offering this trade? I have Kittle. The other player has Hockensen as his TE.. and also has Metcalf, Diggs, Kennan Allen, and could flex Ronald Jones.. so may make that worth it? also I have Tonyan on my bench who could be serviceable, Fant available on waivers as I typed this he offered me Antonio Brown and Jared Cook (quickly declined) What do you think? If you go by projection Kittle was proj like 230 PPR and Dhop 260 so isn’t a crazy PPR difference
  6. RB/Team Trade/upgrade

    Also to note our IR is COVID only
  7. RB/Team Trade/upgrade

    First, trying to upgrade RB. I tried to go after Kareem Hunt for Jbrown/ AJ green and Leveon but owner declined. Kinda in a bind because all other low end RB2 are on rival/ division teams (Singletary, moss, etc).. I feel like huge dice roll trying to hope dobbins or Gibson produce like 10 points.. I still won last week with Leveon 6.6 ppr points. current D/st FA and Kickers that might be worth a swap : cards, Seahawks, browns, bucs Lambo Sloman zurlien Slye.. should I swap Those 2 out this week, and any idea who I should target for a RB help. thanks
  8. What you think? I know Chargers could be hard D for A.J. and he didn’t play all last year so that would be super boom or bust. James white had 2 10 point games against Miami last year.. maybe cam feeds him? And we don’t know what michel usage would look like(i have him too) Jon Brown torched the jets week 1 last year... but now he’s got diggs to compete with. I still think he could squeak 10 out. just checked waivers.. and Ceedee lamb is probably the only WR that is even worth added considerstion. thoughts?
  9. PPR- who to start? No Chark this week in JAX Aj seems super boom or bust John Brown 3 tough weeks in a row now at Pit thoughts?
  10. Snell or Powell?

    PPR. my options are snell, Samuels, DJ, guice. side note- lack of Starting RB would you consider Crowder over Chark / John Brown as flex start
  11. Just saw Julio and Hooper are to play.. thoughts?
  12. Matt Ryan or Tannehill

    Tannehill against OAK or Ryan against CAR.. assuming Julio and Ridley play and hooper back Ryan should be in good shape- have seen a lot of hate on him this week
  13. Chark, Crowder, Brown

    TY, Dont need both. My WR1 is Edelman and WR2 is D. Adams
  14. Chark, Crowder, Brown

    Week 1 playoff.. Chark has been disappointing past 2 weeks and Minshew back against LAC. Crowder @ MIAMI - 8/83/1TD earlier this year John Brown @ Baltimore. Lowest points he’s scored this year is 9.5 PPR- so he’s practically a given to put up atleast 10 points flex spot