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  1. Drop one

    Fair point, my RB’s are dealing with health injuries and I feel stacked at WR (Kupp, Diggs, pittman, renfrow), so I’m leaning Bateman as well. I think I’m hesitating bc I held on to him all those weeks while he was injured thinking he’d be awesome and…. Well, he hasn’t been
  2. Drop one

    Need to make roster spot, which one to drop. (12 team PPR) rashod Bateman, Matt Brieda, mark Ingram, davante parker
  3. Start Tua or Taysom Week 13?

    Tua for me.
  4. Zeke, Ingram or wait for Jamaal Williams Sunday? pick 1
  5. Zeke

    Alright gents, so…. Conflicting signals out of Dallas on resting him and giving him a full workload. you firing him up this week?
  6. Drop Ingram for Sony Michel?

    Get him, but don’t drop Ingram.
  7. Hey Irish, is Jamaal Williams worth a #2 waiver claim? waivers reset based on when you make a claim, would go to 12. Garunteed to make it into playoffs, but need some RB depth badly. Just don’t want to waste it and have swift come back right away
  8. Jamaal Williams

    Is he worth the #2 waiver? would really like to increase depth at RB position, but am already a lock for a first round bye in a 6 team playoff. swift looks like he’ll miss this week, but could be back next week. Don’t want to spend a #2 waiver on a 1 week guy. That being said, ROJO is only other handcuff worth anything out there
  9. Trade Mattison?

    Close but no, I’m worried that cook may not come back in 2 weeks and may get injured again right away.
  10. Zeke

    Will certainly try to with the number 2 waiver this week, assuming swift misses time. Last I heard, he was day to day
  11. Wr, which 3?

    Wasn’t that the case last week too? How’d that work out? sorry, I’m salty. I held Golladay 9 weeks hoping he would be Golladay.
  12. Wr, which 3?

    Sit Golladay
  13. Zeke

    At this point, I hope they do. Give him 2 weeks off and then back for fantasy playoffs! 😁