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  1. How bad is it?

    Got knocked off my draft strategy early and couldn’t get it back on track- not feeling good about the team - what do ya’ll think?
  2. How bad is it?

    League Champ and it wasn’t close. up by 20 and have Davante Adam’s yet!
  3. Starting Jonathan Taylor, so I need 1 more from list below. looking for safest/highest floor as I’m currently a 10-20 pt favorite. jeff Wilson Jr Myles Gaskin salvon Ahmed tony Pollard also available on waivers: lynn Bowden jr Malcolm Brown james White zack Moss Gus Edwards kalen Ballage Both of the jags backups
  4. Good luck today! I’m wishing I would have started gaskin over Taylor at this point!
  5. Once again, thank you to this thread. Happy with the Wilson start.
  6. Lol, you’re spot on, story of my RB situation all year. A bunch of mediocrity and if, then 😂. I’m comfortable playing Wilson, only thing that makes me nervous is he was labeled with an ankle injury at the beginning of the week and he was grabbing his hammy at the end of last game. There’s been 0 information on either of those injuries. Oh. And shanahan - he makes me nervous - always surprising us with his RB decisions
  7. For the 4peat: Mike Davis or diontae and defense?

    Missed that this is standard, not PPR. That would make me swing to Davis over diontae
  8. Thanks all. Was leaning Wilson but was second guessing with gaskin. Probably a bit blinded bc I traded for gaskin the week before he went on IR - so, I think I was grasping at straws to try to get some value outta that dude
  9. For the 4peat: Mike Davis or diontae and defense?

    I’d go diontae. Still not convinced Pitt can run the ball so they have to throw to someone and Davis has been inconsistent as of late even with mcaffery out. id go Washington. Just trust their Defense more
  10. Thanks Irish, leaning Wilson with gaskin next. Agreed on pollard, but Wilson/ gaskin play today and I have a feeling we won’t know about zeke until tomorrow. Appreciate the help!
  11. Bumping before the Saturday games kickoff
  12. Hey Irish, need 1 RB this week! jeff Wilson Jr Myles Gaskin salvon Ahmed tony Pollard also available on waivers: lynn Bowden jr Malcolm Brown james White zack Moss Gus Edwards kalen Ballage
  13. How bad is it?

    Just wanted to come back to this post from the beginning of the season and say: 1. thank you to everyone helping with advice, especially Montana, Irish and league champ - you guys rock 2. when you screw up your draft, like niner4life9 said - good things can still happen if you put the effort in. After many waiver pickups, trades, etc. finished first place in the league, missed out on top points scored by 2 and now in the finals. Win or lose, happy with the season from my 16 round draft, 4 players left on my team right now: davante adams patrick mahomes jonathan taylor darren waller traded for: allen robinson miles gaskin robert woods rashard higgins james white waiver pickups: marvin Jones jr has become a regular starter and got a bunch of week by week fill ins and trade bait (Hyde, engram, Beasley, pollard, ballage, Pittman, gio Bernard, McKinnon, Wilson jr) not intended to be a gloat post, hopefully received as a genuine thank you for the help (I’ll have one more before end of week on who to slot in the second RB spot as I do almost weekly) and a message of encouragement for those that mess up their draft next year as I did this year.
  14. Flex Help - Gaskin/Ahmed or Fournette?

    curious as to why you say that? Ahmed did great last week.
  15. Flex Help - Gaskin/Ahmed or Fournette?

    If Rojo is out, I’d go fournette. If Rojo is back, I’d go gaskin. I have gaskin / Ahmed and am concerned for a committee approach.
  16. Congrats to making it to the finals with that group of RB’s. I’m in a similar spot. honestly, there isn’t a clear order, but 1st 3: Fournette if Rojo out. If Rojo plays, he goes to bottom group gaskin jrob if he’s fully healthy zeke is on bubble bottom group for me: mckissic Melvin id only pickup pollard once we know more on zeke or if you’re concerned that your opponent will block you and you have a clear drop. If zeke is out, I’d start pollard. I’d probably start gio over zeke or the bottom guys. While they may not repeat last week, a new QB against a soft run defense usually spells good things for fantasy production (dump off passes and leaning on the run game) last thing - don’t take advice from me on RB’s. Every RB I’ve touched gets covid or injured 🤣
  17. JRob replacement?

    Feels like jrob is trending towards suiting up, but, I’d go Wilson as of now. if zeke sits, then pollard is #1. gaskins is back this week, so probably a committee in Miami with Ahmed.
  18. Quick - pollard, mostert or Wilson jr?

    Already thrilled with the choice - thank you again Montana!
  19. Quick - pollard, mostert or Wilson jr?

    Thx, was leaning him since he will be lead back and too much risk with the other guys
  20. Need Some TE Semi Final Advice

    I’d go Andrew’s, brown has Covid.. . Andrew’s saved the day last week, he should be the go to
  21. Bail me out!

    So, I’m reading ekeler as they are just managing his reps.... not excited about any of the healthy RB’s I have besides Taylor - so - im leaning towards grab Wilson first and ideally Bowden as well. Then just stay attentive to news and adjust. think I’ll drop Allen Lazard (he’s my devante Adam’s insurance policy and booker as I think Jacobs will play Thursday Thoughts?
  22. Bail me out!

    Ok, so right when I thought I was getting healthy, my RB curse returned. Need 2, anyone I should pick up on WW? gaskin (assuming out COVID) mostert (assuming out or risky start - ankle) jonathan Taylor - starting him Deandre Washington Davantae Booker Gus Edwards waiver wire options (yep, they ain’t good) Devonte Freeman LeVeon Bell Zack Moss Tony Pollard Jeff Wilson Kalen Ballage Justin Jackson Salvon Ahmed (shoulder injury) Lynn Bowden Peyton Barber Carlos Hyde
  23. Should I drop Mostert for Wilson

    Too tough to call right now. Next to 0 information on mostert. I think Wilson is a must add, but I would hesitate to drop mostert for him. Anyone else you can drop now and make a corresponding move later on the week when we know more on mostert?
  24. Bail me out!

    Two total. So, Taylor +1. good call on ballage, didn’t see the ekeler potential injury. I’ll watch that and pickup either Wilson or ballage or both 😂 . been streaming running backs all season. Luckily rest of team was good enough to get me a round 1 bye