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  1. Gore is my number one. I have been starting Jones-drew the past 6 weeks. I've made it to the championship and have some interesting choices. So which would you start Rhodes at houston Jones-Drew home vs Pats Willis at home vs tenn. 1pts 10yds rushing and rec. 6pts tds Thanks.
  2. WDIS WR

    I also like Evans and Fitz.
  3. Need my RBs to go off in SB...

    I'd go with Tiki and Betts
  4. Help, Still undecided at RB

    I'd go with Willis
  5. I was going to start him instead of A. Johnson but now I'm not sure with all this wind and rain. who else out there is going to start him??
  6. QB help for playoffs

    I'd go with Leinert. I don't think they are going to be able to run the ball against denver leaving them to pass all day. Garcia would be my second choice. he's probably safer but i'd start Leinert.
  7. wdis...playoff week 2

    I'd rank them Colston Plax Fitz Henderson Booker. I might take a chance starting both colston and henderson if horn is out again. I haven't checked any of that yet. But I would definitly go with plax and colston.
  8. I'd start young myself. Don't like his matchup but he's been hot and cutler has been horrible.
  9. Just wondering if anyone is benching Holt this week. His matchup is great and he ate up Arizona earlier in the year. But I'm thinking of benching him for henderson this week. For the simple reason of playing players that are hot. Anyone else doing this???
  10. Where the hell is

    i wish i knew. I have favre and driver on my team
  11. Its really hard these days being a cheese head. The worst part is I live in Seattle. So every monday i get an earful of how bad they are from co-workers that are all hawks fans. They are trying to convert me over but I just can't.
  12. Eli vs Vick

    I would go with vick. He has been on fire. Unfortantly I'm a guy who would keep starting him until he showed me wrong.
  13. Which 2 RB?

    I'd go with Kevin Jones for sure. nice 4 rbs by the way. And I'd go with Rudi over the other guys. I'm benching Ronnie this week.
  14. Need to start 2 of the following. Gore at home vs vikes Willis at home vs Pack JoDrew at home vs Tenn. 1pt/ 10yds rushing/wr 6pts for tds Thanks
  15. I need 2 RB's from here...

    I'll jump on the wagon with the rest of the people and go with McAllister. I traded away Caddy a few weeks back. Just can't trust TB
  16. another wdis at rb to look at

    anyone else please
  17. Favre or Romo

    I'd start good old number 4.
  18. WDIS @RB? M.Bell, Rudi, or Portis

    Portis and Mike Bell is who I'd start I think.
  19. Offering up Deshaun Foster. He'll give me either of the 2 wrs. 1pt 10yds rushing/wr 6pts for tds. Its an 8 man league. I allready have LJ, Willie and Chester Taylor. Just looking for a little help on wideouts. He allready has CJ and Reggie Wayne so he's willing to deal. thanks
  20. Trade help!

    I agree you hate losing gates but gaining taylor is a big improvement. the Andre vs ward is a wash. So i think you should make the trade
  21. Who would you rather have

    any help Reggie Brown or Randy Moss
  22. QB Situation

    I take a shot on Carr or romo over the tb qb for sure
  23. Walker or Jennings this week?

    If jennings ankle is ok I'd start him. IF not go with walker