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  1. I had Polllard on my bench too, LOL. MIles Sanders I can't be mad about because he was questionable and I couldn't sit Zeke for him.
  2. @irish Dug myself a little hole. Here is my lineup with starters in bold. Full PPR. 8-4 guaranteed playoffs at least. I am projected to lose big time, LOL. 140-109 currently, though I know projections mean nothing. QB: Hurts, Hill (didn't start him, GRR), Heinicke RB: Zeke RB: Ingram WR: Allen WR: Aiyuk FLEX: Mattison K: Gay DST: Rams, Bills Questions: 1. Who do I start at QB? (Tua, Wentz, Jimmy G on waivers too) 2. Start Hopkins over Allen or Aiyuk? 3. What D you like? 4. Whatever D I don't play, I can drop and add someone. Probably D Parker or a RB with upside stash like Deejay, Booker, ROJO, etc. Thanks in advance as always.
  3. @irish Last minute, start Taysom with Hurts banged up, or wait til Sunday and if Hurts can't go grab Henicke or Wentz?
  4. @irish Well, no last minute trades. This is the team I have barring waiver moves rest of season. Roster for week 13, starters in bold, thoughts? QB: Hurts, T Hill RB: Zeke, Pollard, Sanders, Mattison, Ingram, Booker, Singletary WR: hopkins, allen, aiyuk TE: Andrews K: Gay DST: Rams, Bills Any obvious drops to grab Tua, Rojo, Murray, Golladay, Julio, AJ Brown (I dropped him), Wentz, D Parker?
  5. Should I pop my cherry??

    Depends who is on waivers I suppose. Any chance a backup running back like Rojo, Booker, etc. are there and you night regret it later if someone gets hurt. Taysom is so tempting though with that rushing upside. May even start over your two.
  6. Thanks. League mate is desperate for a win and has no Chubb. thought about mattison, sanders for monty and edmonds.
  7. Mac Jones or Taysom for this bye and ROS back up?

    I have Hurts but am willing to gamble on Hill for his floor.
  8. @irish 8-4, full PPR. 8th on waivers (10 team league). Roster: QB: Hurts RB: Zeke, Pollard, Sanders, Mattison, Ingram, Singletary WR: Hopkins, Allen, Aiyuk, Golladay TE: Andrews Need a qb for week 14. Possibly 13 if Hurt out. 1. Use waiver on: Taysom Hill, Jimmy G, Tua, Fields, Henicke...or just let waivers clear and grab whose left. 2. Try to sell Zeke and Mattison or just ride it out with em? Realistic targets are Monty, Edmonds. 2. Trade Miles Sanders for Hilliard?
  9. Running Back Swaps for Playoff Push

    yeah it would be a gamble in case Edmonds comes back healthy. Mattison may be a 1/2 week rental and sanders who knows with Philly. Could probably do Mattison and sanders for Monty and Edmonds.
  10. Running Back Swaps for Playoff Push

    LOL. I will fix it!
  11. 8-4 in full PPR. We have a team that is 4-8 and on life support as well as a 3-9 team. I have some running backs I don't trust long term. Would you try to trade Mattison, M Sanders, and even Zeke if it could get you Edmonds and Montgomery for the playoffs? My current RB roster: Zeke, Pollard, Sanders, Mattison, Booker, Singletary, moss (gonna drop)
  12. I would, esp if you dont have pollard.
  13. Need WR2 help…pick 1

    Tough calls. Probably Jeudy Devonte Jacobi