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  1. Traded Gibson for Derrick Henry

    Gibson owner here but may be a good trade. Gibson schedule about to get nasty.
  2. Running Backs Week 12

    Welcome to my stable or mediocrity! Gallman, Duke, Gibson, Edwards, White, Edmonds Pick 3 I am leaning Gibson, Gallman, Duke
  3. My Wife's Team for Playoffs

    First year in fantasy, Full PPR. She's 9-2. Roster QB: Allen, Cousins RB: A Jones, ROJO, Gordon, Lindsay, J Williams WR: Adams, Kirk, Golladay, AJ Brown, Higgins TE: Waller, Gronk D: TB K: Koo 1. She is first in waivers. Any of these names worth going after with 1st claim QB: Jones, Goff, Carr RB: White, Dobbins, Akers, Mattison, Coleman, David Johnson, Pollard WR: Pittman, M Williams, C Davis D: Rams, Giants 2. Anybody you would drop after waivers clear. I am not loving her RBs.
  4. 2-9. Not mathematically eliminated but would have to win out, have someone else lose out, and I would need to outscore them by about 400 last two games. So done. Two games left, team once again injury ridden. Need to drop 4 players and add four. Is it bad to make waiver claims Wednesday to help my team over last 2 regular games, plus 3 consolation, or is it better form to wait til waivers clear for playoff teams then pick up scraps after?
  5. No Qb in Leauge. Reached Add-drop Limit

    Sorry rules are rules
  6. This has been my achilles heel, including today, sat Godwin for Marquise Brown. Going back to last year my record is 6-18. I bet you 10 of those losses were sitting studs. EDIT: Because I have nothing better to do with my time, I checked this and last years games on our ESPN league. 5 games last year were lost when I sat Henry or Woods in a "touch matchup" and 6 of my 8 this year were sitting a "stud"
  7. Last Minute Defense Help

    Who sits Chris Godwin for Marquise Brown...I do, lol. Nice zero. Anyway, I am down 1.2 points. My opponent has Vikings Defense. I currently have Rams but KC on waivers. Roll with LA or grab KC and start em tonight?
  8. Flex help

    Full PPR QB: Watson RB: Gibson RB: Edmonds 15 points already WR: Thomas (don't love him but can't sit him) WR: Schustrer TE: Hill FLEX: Duke, Godwin, Marquise Brown, Perine, Hooper Leaning Brown for the upside but know Duke is "safest"
  9. Which TE?? Cook or Hooper?

    I had the same dilemma until I grabbed taysom hill. I like Hooper a lot, rest of season too.
  10. Who to drop to add QB?

    Thanks. Odd this year, but most teams are hoarding QBs and even defenses. Some teams even have 3 QBs on their rosters. Our waiver wire is really bare.
  11. Who to drop to add QB?

    I want to add Daniel Jones as some insurance. I am probably out of it at 2-8 so figure might as well have a Giant to root for if I am playing 3 consolation games soon. Plus Watson has a tough schedule so I may sit him when jones plays Cincy and Seattle. WR: Aiyuk, Marquise Brown TE: Hooper, Engram, (have Hil going this week but probably won't keep him if hes not TE eligible.
  12. Need help with lineup, must win this week!!

    I would be tempted to get Harris or Gibson in there. Tough to bench Robinson I know though.