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  1. This has been my achilles heel, including today, sat Godwin for Marquise Brown. Going back to last year my record is 6-18. I bet you 10 of those losses were sitting studs. EDIT: Because I have nothing better to do with my time, I checked this and last years games on our ESPN league. 5 games last year were lost when I sat Henry or Woods in a "touch matchup" and 6 of my 8 this year were sitting a "stud"
  2. Last Minute Defense Help

    Who sits Chris Godwin for Marquise Brown...I do, lol. Nice zero. Anyway, I am down 1.2 points. My opponent has Vikings Defense. I currently have Rams but KC on waivers. Roll with LA or grab KC and start em tonight?
  3. Flex help

    Full PPR QB: Watson RB: Gibson RB: Edmonds 15 points already WR: Thomas (don't love him but can't sit him) WR: Schustrer TE: Hill FLEX: Duke, Godwin, Marquise Brown, Perine, Hooper Leaning Brown for the upside but know Duke is "safest"
  4. Which TE?? Cook or Hooper?

    I had the same dilemma until I grabbed taysom hill. I like Hooper a lot, rest of season too.
  5. Who to drop to add QB?

    I want to add Daniel Jones as some insurance. I am probably out of it at 2-8 so figure might as well have a Giant to root for if I am playing 3 consolation games soon. Plus Watson has a tough schedule so I may sit him when jones plays Cincy and Seattle. WR: Aiyuk, Marquise Brown TE: Hooper, Engram, (have Hil going this week but probably won't keep him if hes not TE eligible.
  6. Who to drop to add QB?

    Thanks. Odd this year, but most teams are hoarding QBs and even defenses. Some teams even have 3 QBs on their rosters. Our waiver wire is really bare.
  7. Need help with lineup, must win this week!!

    I would be tempted to get Harris or Gibson in there. Tough to bench Robinson I know though.