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  1. @irish League mate is 3-7, needs a win, just lost Amari and has no other WR on roster who isn't on bye. How bad is it to throw the book at him: I give Moss, Singletary, Ingram, Aiyuk for David Montgomery then I cab grab Toney or Golladay off waivers
  2. Quick trade advice

    I hate to take advantage but he’s 3-7 in a must win and cooper is out so he has no WR left to play. I am actually debating offering Singletary, Moss, Ingram and Aiyuk. Overpayifn big time but a RB2 could be my missing piece.
  3. Thanks as always! Gonna drop Carson for Fields. Can't grab a kicker yet, with their byes. I have Succop now but will try to Prater after his bye. Extra question: Keep Aiyuk over Toney and Golladay?
  4. Lockett for AJ Brown

    Was offered this trade. Initially thought no but Brown banged up, no Henry...Wilson gets hot, Lockett can always go off. Thoughts.
  5. @irish FULL PPR, 7-3 PLAYOFFS GUARANTEED. QB: Hurts (will need someone week 14) RB: Zeke, Pollard, Sanders, Moss, Singletary, Mattison, Ingram WR: Hopkins, AJ Brown, Allen, Aiyuk TE: Andrews K: Succop DST: Bills 1. Okay to drop Chris Carson? Waivers: QB: Jimmy G, Fields, Lance, D Jones, Newton (just dropped, would have to use 7th waiver position) RB: Freeman, Murray, ROJO, Chubba, Gallman WR: Golladay, Toney, Crowder, Edwards, Gallup TE: Henry, Higbee 2. Four real trade offers not speculative: A. Give AJ Brown get Lockett (leaning no) B. Give Moss/Singletary get Edmonds C. Give Moss or Singletary get E Moore, Mooney, or A-Rob D. Moss.Singletary for Jeff Wilson? 3. Grab Kicker for playoffs Prater, Gay

    My backs are Zeke, Pollard, Sanders, Moss, Singletary, Mattison, Ingram I have an open roster spot. Chubba, Rojo, Freeman, Gallman, Murray...any of them worth a stash?
  7. Bench Jonathan Taylor ???

  8. @irish Me again, LOL. Do you view Zeke as a sell high? Zeke/Pollard for Henderson, Michel, D. Johnson (Pitt WR)?
  9. Jalen Hurts

    Keep in mind I'm kind of thinking my league. I personally need a RB. So Russel Wilson/Carter might do it. For WR, I would be thinking Wilson/Godwin, or Tannehill/Godwin. I may be overvaluing Hurts I admit.
  10. Jalen Hurts

    For me, no. I need a better WR.
  11. Jalen Hurts

    As a Hurts owner I am aware of the concerns but the way he is playing it would take a lot for me to move him. I would want a lower tier qb and an RB2/WR2 with upside, roster dependent of course.
  12. Some trade questions

    @irish Don't feel obligated, of course, but you are my guru, LOL. 7-3 full PPR. Guaranteed a playoff spot mathematically though. I expect to be 7-4 based on my opponents roster and match ups this week. 10 team league and I am 10th on waivers. I don't plan on any moves to see if I can climb up a few notches. QB: Hurts RB: Zeke, Pollard, Moss, Singletary, Carson, Sanders, Mattison, Ingram WR: Hopkins, AJ Brown, Allen, Aiyuk TE: Andrews K: Koo (will probably drop for someone else after waivers clear (Succop, Prater, Joseph)) DST: Bills Trade questions: 1. I thought about moving Mattison to the Cook owner for Bateman or McKissic. Not sure if they will bite though or if it is more valuable to hold Cook a while. 2. My wife's team is DESPERATE for running backs. Call me stupid, but I still think Allen Robinson worth a flyer. Is moss/singletary for A-Rob or E Moore too much? She offered Jordan Howard/Robinson for Moss/Singletary 3. Hopkins for Michael Carter and Mike Williams? 4, Overpay for James Conner (Owner has kamara, something like Moss, Singletary, Ingram for Conner) She needs a win NOW and Conner off in two weeks.
  13. Amazing isn't it. Our commish plays in a second league with a bunch of newbies and he has snagged Barkley and Montgomery off waivers last two weeks.
  14. RB waiver options

    Gallman and Foreman
  15. Mitchell. Anything can happen but I’d always take a work horse back over wr3/wr4
  16. Drop Mattison

    Thought about Mattison for McKissic. I am playing Cook owner this week actually. I almost got Pittman a few weeks ago but Mattison was questionable and they didn't do it. I suppose I should have tried again. Too late now.
  17. Drop Mattison

    I don’t own cook. seop Mattison for fields lance eno Wilson jr?
  18. Drop Mattison

    Helpful yes. I am not going to play anyone I could get over a healthy anyone on my team. I will worry about a QB week 14 when Hurts is off. No reason to dump Mattison until I need to.
  19. LOL, much truth in your post, lol . Anyway thanks as always. I have been last place last two years in a row, so it's nice to be 7-2 this year and I can think long term a little.
  20. Chase Edmonds worth a buy low?

    It’s almost cruel he is 3-6 and his only rb is Patterson.
  21. My backs are moss singletary zeke pollard Carson sanders Ingram league mate desperate for a win abs lost Chubb. worrh offering Ingram moss or singletary for Edmonds? full ppr
  22. DO OR DIE: Who to Sit???

    I would sit Williams. He still splits w Gordon and Johnson has to be the main target against Detroit even if I am throwing him the ball.
  23. @irish Hope you don't mind but my wife has a quandary this week. It old her about our "talks," LOL She is 7-2 full PPR. Starters or players who already played are in bold. She is agonizing over her lineup, LOL QB: Allen RB: N Harris RB: Gaskin WR: Metcalf WR: Donovan People's Jones, Eli Moore, or J Meyers TE: Hockenson FLEX: Jordan Howard, Rhamondre Stevenson, Adrian Peterson, or the WR she didn't start. Waiver options: Collins, Hyde, Wilson Jr. ALSO: League mate desperate for a win and needs RBs bad: She gives Peterson and Howard for Chase Edmonds and Beckham Jr?
  24. Chase Edmonds worth a buy low?

    My thinking to. I am 7-2 and mathematically guaranteed a playoff spot currently.