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  1. Thanks. Probably won't matter but I decided to go with Boyd
  2. @irish Some last minute advice again. Full PPR Starters in bold. Not sure what to do with Scott now that Howard is active QB: Hurts, Lance RB: Zeke, Pollard, Scott, ROJO, Vaughn, Jackson, Uganab...the guy from Jacksonville WR: Allen, G Davis, Boyd, Gage TE: Andrews K: Gay DST: Bills Thoughts. I am a heavy underdog. Davis is me reaching for ceiling. Flex is Scott, Boyd, or Gage I guess. Pollard? Waivers: Booker, Aiyuk, Galloday, Green, Gore, MVS, Gainwell...
  3. I know Hurts seems the play, but he hasn't been rushing much and Lance has to want to show off what he's got.
  4. WR2 Help

    Can't show you the rest of my team because how I am somehow in the final game is beyond me! Anyway, need an WR2, FULL PPR. Boyd, Gage, Aiyuk, MVS Waivers: Robby A, Golloday?
  5. Flex Advice for Championship

    I like Scott even if Howard plays. Is Conner healthy, he'd be tough to sit if he is but I still like Scott
  6. I agree. all I can do is throw em out there lol. brown stings a little. I had to drop him a few weeks ago when injuries piled up and wasn’t quick enough to get him off waivers. thanks as always! happy new year!
  7. @irish Made it to the championship game, lol. Won by 80. Don't see that happening again. Full PPR Heavy under dog this week so could use some final help. Current roster. Already dropped Miles Sanders. Tentative starters in bold. QB: Hurts, Cousin RB: Zeke, Pollard, Rojo, Reynolds, Jackson WR: Allen, Aiyuk, Gage, Boyd (Flex) TE: Andrews K: Gay D: Bills, Chiefs Will probably drop Chiefs and Reynolds, possbily Aiyuk, and put in claims for: Ogunbawai, Scott, Osborn, Mckenzie, Booker, K Vaugh (handcuff rojo), Lance (want to have backup QB with Covid) 1. Any thoughts on who to prioritize and start over Gage and Boyd in flex (I am leaning Scott or Ogunbawai) 2. Ok with Bills D or grab Rams? My opponent: QB: Rodgers RB: Eckeler RB: Michel WR: D Johnson WR: Jefferson TEL: Knox FLEX: AJ Brown D: Cowboys K: Prater
  8. thanks! Agreed lets see if it can get me in the championship game! hurts, zeke, Jackson, Allen, gage, rojo, Andrews, chiefs, gay
  9. Bench Jackson then? I feel like you can't sit Zeke or Rojo, so I guess it comes down to Sanders vs Jackson.
  10. @irish last minute double-check w eckeler out. Full ppr. pick 3 zeke sanders rojo Justin Jackson pollard leaning zeke sanders rojo? so hard to sit Jackson though
  11. Running Back Quandry

    Full PPR Pick 3: Zeke, Sanders, Pollard, Justin Jackson, ROJO, Craig Reynolds Leaning Sanders, Zeke, ROJO
  12. Start 1 - Aiyuk, St. Brown, Gabriel Davis

    So hard to trust Aiyuk, but St. Borwn without Goff could be scary. I think I would go Brown, Aiyuk, Davis in that order and then I will avoid you if that advice is bad!
  13. @irish Won my first playoff game. Week 16 lineup below with starters in bold, thoughts? COVID may have final say, lol. Full PPR QB: Hurts, Hill RB; ZEKE, Pollard, Reynolds, Sanders, ROJO, J Jackson WR: Allen, Aiyuk, Gage, Osborn TE: Andrews K: Gay DST: Bills 10th on waivers Dropped Julio and put in for AJ Brown, Gabriel Davis, Fields
  14. Do i bench my player if im up?

    Guy in our league has a similar situation last year and a stat correction ended up costing him the victory. I would roll Henderson out myself. Doubtful he goes negative.
  15. Thanks as always. I am playing my wife this week. Her lineup: QB: Josh Allen RB: Stevenson RB: CEH WR: Metcalf WR: Higgins TE: Henry FLEX: Najee Harris DST: Dolphins K: Zeurline I am going to need some major explosions from some WR3 to have a chance, LOL.
  16. @irish Can I get a lineup recheck, lol. I stashed Craig Reynold in case. FULL PPR Line up now with starters in bold. I am REALLY struggling with my WR and QB QB: Hurts, Hill, Fields RB: Zeke, Pollard, Sanders, Reynolds, Justin Jackson WR: Allen, Aiyuk, Osborn, Julio, Gage FLEX: ??? TE: Andrews K: Gay DST: Bills Dump Reynolds for AJ Green? Start Green? QB: I kind of like Fields, am I crazy? Flex: Reynolds, Osborn, Julio, Gage?
  17. Taysom Hill or Justin Fields for playoffs?

    My league mate thinks I am nuts but I like Fields too,. I have Hurts, Hill,m and Fields currently and am so tempted to start Fields
  18. That's a tough decision. I would wait as long as I could on Henderson. If he's out, I guess MIchel, it not, Wilson, Gaskin, MIchel?
  19. My fantasy opponent shuffling QBS

    Big Ben or Huntley I suppose (forget who ravens have)
  20. Which turd do I want to polish, LOL. All I can do is throw em out.
  21. Thanks, forgot I have Gage too. Change anything for you?
  22. @irish Hopkins done. FULL PPR WR: PICK THREE Allen, Aiyuk, Osborn, Julio, AJ Green
  23. Deandre OUT, Grab Green?

    I did, no harm.
  24. Penny

    depends on your roster i think