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  1. Would You Make Any Changes In My Starting Lineup?

    Some tough matchups but I think you have to roll with it. Might go Ravens D.
  2. Who to start out of this sad group of RBs?

    CEH AND MOSTERT, but not not real confident Davis might get more volume
  3. 10-3, 1st overall, FULL PPR. Her opponent is tough this week (Wilson, Metcalf, Diggs, McCaffrey/Davis, Sanders, Boyd, etc. al) No easy out for sure. Funny story but I made a last second switch that backfired when I played him two weeks ago and I lost by 2. If I beat him he'd be out of playoffs, oh well. Here is her team, starters in bold. QB: Allen RB: A Jones, ROJO, Gordon, J Williams, Gore (will drop) WR: Adams, AJ Brown, Golladay, Tee Higgins, Kirk (will drop) TE: Waller, Gronk K: Koo D: Wash, Arizona (maybe Wash, not sure if she decided yet) She has the #1 waiver claim as well. Anyone on this list worth using a #1 on: RB: P Barber, Moss, Jeff Wilson, Ballage, Ty Johnson, P Lindsay WR: Hilton, M Brown, Coutee, Mike Williams, Agholor, D: Bucs
  4. I think Taylor, Drake, Gaskin in that order.
  5. Another Waiver Question for the Wife's Team

    Yeah I can see that. She is a little thin at WR too. Guy she is playing desperately needs a TE. I am ahead of him on waivers but me grabbing a TE seems like collusion. I could justify it with Engram being up and down but I don't know.
  6. Down by 28, lineup?

    Good thing I am 3-10, lol
  7. Down by 28, lineup?

    He has D Johnson and Ebron left. I have Gibson and Dobbins at RB, Schuster or Aiyuk left. Have room for RB/WR/Flex, so basically two of these three. I am thinking Gibson, Dobbins, Schuster?

    I like Aiyuk and McLaurin, but I would monitor Terry closely. I may start Aiyuk over Schuster, not sure yet
  9. Dobbins or deebo in flex

    I always prefer a RB
  10. Cool. Thanks again and good luck rest of season.
  11. @irish 3-9 playing for Pride. FULL PPR. Starters in bold, thoughts? QB: Watson, Hill RB: Gibson, Booker, Dobbins, Akers, White, Edmonds, Gallman WR: Thomas, JUJU, Godwin, Aiyuk TE: Engram K: Lutz D: Saints
  12. Anybody you would drop?

    I have a bad feeling about Booker, not sure why. My backs are Gibson, Gallman, Dobbins, White, Duke, Booker. edmonds I may drop Taysom Hill to grab akers (I have Watson)
  13. Anybody you would drop?

    3-9 but still fighting. Playing to win each week. Full PPR Roster QB: Watson, Hill RB: Gallman, Dobbins, Gibson, White, Edmonds, Duke WR: Thomas, Schuster, Godwin, C Davis, Aiyuk TE: Engram K: Lutz D: Saints Waivers: RB: Akers, Booker, Moss, Mattison WR: TE: Reed, Rudolph D: KC
  14. Anybody you would drop?

    yeah. Guy I am playing has Jacobs so maybe I get to 4-9 taking him down. LOL
  15. Anybody you would drop?

    I dropped Corey Davis. I like his matchups but doubt I would sit Godwin, Thomas, or Schuster for him.
  16. Handcuff Dalvin or no???

    Yeah i would drop Moss
  17. Week 13 Waivers

    Just checking one more time. David Johnson, Akers, and Landry seem to be her top three choices. DJ was my fault, dropped him hoping to reclaim him but waited too long
  18. Week 13 Waivers

    My wife is 9-3. If she wins next week, she would have the best regular season team and win $75. Roster, FULL PPR QB: Allen RB: A Jones, ROJO, M Gordon, Hill, J Williams WR: Adams, AJ Brown, Golladay, Higgins, Kirk TE: Waller, Gronk K: Koo D:L Arizona, Wash She has the number 1 waiver slot. Would you use it on Akers, Booker, Gore, 49ers D, Landry, Fitzpatrick, or keep holding out.
  19. Throwing a Game

    No. I find matchups on paper don't always go the way you think. Woman in our league with Lamar, Cook, Connor, Locket, Theilen is 4-8. Just never know what can happen.
  20. Week 13 Waivers

    Yeah its a risk. I feel like Booker might be a win now move and Akers is a stash but maybe not worthy of #1, now that I think of it. Of course I told her Brian Hill was a good pickup...
  21. wk13 Waivers Running back Question

    For win now Bookers and Akers.
  22. Week 13 Waivers

    I think its worth using the #1 slot on Akers.
  23. Who to drop? Edmonds or J White?

    I think I would drop Hurst depending who is on waiver.
  24. Traded Gibson for Derrick Henry

    Gibson owner here but may be a good trade. Gibson schedule about to get nasty.
  25. Running Backs Week 12

    Welcome to my stable or mediocrity! Gallman, Duke, Gibson, Edwards, White, Edmonds Pick 3 I am leaning Gibson, Gallman, Duke