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  1. Which WR

    Even though chase has been inconsistent and Evans has been a touchdown machine? Last time Brady played Falcons he went off.
  2. Which WR

    Mike Evans Adam Theilan Jamar Chase PPR League Pick two please!
  3. Mark Ingram DJ Mooore Brandon Cooks This is PPR League
  4. Which RB to start

    Wouldn't sure if the colts d would change Carter's production or not
  5. Carter Jets Booker Giants Williams Broncos This is PPR league.
  6. Possible Trade

    Cooks, Chase, Sanders, and Mcclaurin
  7. Possible Trade

    I'm thinking they are sticking to Mike Williams for michael carter. Is it worth the risk to trust Mike Williams?
  8. I have Michael Carter and they are wanting to give me Mike Williams. They also have AJ Brown and DJ Moore should I throw out one of those names instead? I just really need a every week guy to trust.
  9. Which RB to start

    That's the same thing I was thinking but the Giants have been dragging here lately. I feel like it's only a matter of time before the chiefs get tired of being picked on.
  10. Which RB to start

    And it is a PPR league
  11. Gainwell or Booker?
  12. Pick 2 RBs to start

    I wish I got screwed by playing Mike Evans in the flex so trying to make up for the difference and then some.
  13. Pick 2 RBs to start

    Both hunt and Robinson fell deep in my draft. I felt like cook is a start no matter what unless he's hurt. But hunt has all production this week with chub out. James robinson has been last year version here lately.
  14. Pick 2 RBs to start

    Just didn't want to not play my 1st pick and then also Antonio Gibson has a chiefs game that will probably be high scoring I'd say.
  15. 2 part question

    My bad I meant herbert or murray not gabbert ha