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  1. Do I pull the trigger?

    thank you. I did make the trade.
  2. Do I pull the trigger?

    I lost Henry in my 12 team ppr Im super thin at rb and stacked at wr so I need to do something to stay afloat do I trade diontae Johnson for carter and Schultz? my RBs now on my roster are Henry helaire Gordon McKissic David Johnson and Lindsay my Wrs are kupp Deebo DK diontae Shepard my tight end is Jared cook I’d like to get a more established rb but every team is weak at rb right now except the guy with carter.
  3. Pitts or Ertz?

  4. Who should is start?

    Standard makes this closer but I’d go Shepard as long as he plays he gets 10-15 targets a game which gives him a better chance at getting a lot of yards and a TD
  5. Tua vs Atlanta wentz @ San Francisco Jones vs Carolina darnold @ New York
  6. Quick rb help please

    yeah im torn. Cleveland’s defense is good and those 2 are in a 50/50. McKissic isn’t the lead back but I think Green Bay gets ahead and he gets a lot of catches this week
  7. Quick rb help please

    McKissic or Melvin gordon ppr
  8. Trade help

    12 team ppr i just lost CEH and now I’m left with only Henry Gordon David Johnson and mckissic i was offered mixon for DK My receivers are Kupp Dk Deebo Diontae Johnson and Shepard I don’t trust mixon but I’m set at wr and my rbs are weak after Henry. Should I go for a different rb or try mixon?