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  1. It’s PPR but John Brown being back doesn’t scare you?
  2. Emmanuel Sanders, Hilton, or Beasley at flex? PPR league My opponent got Kamara. I don’t think I can take Kamara getting 30+ while Sanders does nothing, which is highly likely. (Vikings w/o 2 starting linebackers) John Brown will be activated so Beasley is a last resort. Feel like Hilton is my safest bet. Steelers defense isn’t what it used to be.
  3. Beasley or Marvin Jones at flex ROS?

    Golladay will take awhile? I heard he was sprinting pregame vs the Bears. Jones definitely if Golladay is put on IR which I feel might happen.
  4. Cole Beasley or Marvin Jones? If Golladay & John Brown return, who should I trust more? Playoff matchups Beasley: Steelers, Broncos, Patriots MJJ: Packers, Titans, Bucs Jones has the easier matchups but Beasley has been more consistent. He’s Josh Allen’s safety net.
  5. Gio vs Dolphins White vs Chargers (allow most RB targets out the backfield) *Brandon Allen looks pretty bad & rarely targets Gio. I don’t have confidence in Gio anymore. James White is playing the Rex Burkhead role, but 6 touches last week isn’t really trustworthy. Who should I start?
  6. This Ekeler trade worth losing my RB depth?

    Most likely won’t get him. I can start James White and Gore/Murray if both Ekeler & Mostert are out.
  7. This Ekeler trade worth losing my RB depth?

    Murray, Frank Gore, Gus Edwards on the waiver. I could always pick someone up.
  8. Trading Edmonds & Bernard for Ekeler. I’m 6-5 and in 4th place. Teams below me are all 5-6 w/ 2 games to go. My team: Tannehill & Tua Mixon, Mostert , Edmonds, Gio, James White Adams, MT, Jefferson, MJJ, Beasley, Reagor Waller, Fant *Only worry is Ekeler & Mostert might not play this week and I’m left with White as my only healthy RB.*
  9. Mixon to I dare trade Davante Adams?

    Jacobs & McLaurin? I have Waller. Is it bad to start two skill position players from the same offense?
  10. Mixon to I dare trade Davante Adams?

    AP and scrubs. That’s it & I’m already starting Marvin Jones this week. I feel like I should add Perine in case Gio gets hurt or Perine takes a larger role.
  11. Mixon to I dare trade Davante Adams?

    One last question. Should I move Mixon to my IR spot and pick up Samaje Perine? Just in case?
  12. Mixon to I dare trade Davante Adams?

    Someone offered Ronald Jones & McLaurin for Adams. Jones is a fumble away from losing his job. That was the best offer I’ve gotten for Adams.
  13. Mixon to I dare trade Davante Adams?

    I mean how confident are you in starting Gio, Edmonds, & Mostert these next 3 weeks. Are they reliable?
  14. My team: Burrow, Tua Mixon, Mostert, Edmonds, Breida, Bernard Adams, MT, Marvin Jones, Jefferson, Reagor, Beasley Waller, Fant I’m looking for a RB1 plus a WR2/3 for Adams cause Mostert hasn’t been activated off IR. Should I just wait and hold out hope Mixon comes back week 14 & Mostert stays healthy?