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  1. Risky CMC trade?!? I’m nervous

    I know without a question I am. I would accept immediately if it wasn’t for injury concerns for both players. As well as injuries to Henry & Darnold recently.
  2. Risky CMC trade?!? I’m nervous

    Does Darnold being out for 3-4 weeks, maybe even longer change your view? He has a broken scapula in his shoulder
  3. Risky CMC trade?!? I’m nervous

    Yes those are my main concerns with CMC & AJ Brown. Can AJ be effective w/o HENRY? He usually does most of his damage on play action plays
  4. *My team is in the photo below* I was offered CMC & AJ Brown for Patterson, Gordon, & Claypool. Gordon probably never starts for me & at some point, Javonte will take over. Brown>Claypool & I need a better WR3 w/ Mike Williams in a slump. My only worry is CMC is injury prone lately. Patterson is consistent & a great value. Basically a RB/WR hybrid.
  5. David Johnson- Texans HC said Burkhead played most snaps last week due to being down big & in hurry up mode. Also said DJ fits better w/ Tyrod. Tyrod is back tomorrow Freeman- Great rushing offense but shares w/ Williams & Bell. Lamar also runs as well. Tough to guess who scores Edwards- Dart throw & hoping for a breakout game w/ Ruggs gone & Waller injured Smith- Hurts’ favorite target but playing vs the #1 defense vs fantasy WRs (FYI, starting Goedert at TE). Wouldn’t be wise to start 2 Eagles vs a tough defense Waiver options: Rondale Moore Van Jefferson
  6. Buy Low on Kamara & Ridley??

    Would it be even if I take out Mike Williams?
  7. Send Najee Harris, Justin Jefferson, & Mike Williams for Kamara & Ridley. Person w/ those two already agreed but I have to make sure; am I giving up too much? 12 team PPR My RBs: Najee Harris, Swift, Monty, Drake, Sermon My WRs:Diggs, Jefferson,Sutton, D. Smith, Mike Williams, Corey Davis
  8. Najee owner in my 12 team PPR league wants to get rid of him. Bad game, but he got every RB carry & target. My RBs: Montgomery, Carson, & Swift I feel I can trade one of them straight up for Najee. Monty gets most of the carries but Williams & Cohen (when he’s back) take away targets. Fields might steal carries & TDs in the red zone if he starts. Carson is in the best offense but injury prone. Swift is a target monster & one of my guys. Got him in the 5th so I want to keep him the most.
  9. Courtland Sutton vs Giants Kenny Golladay vs Broncos Devonta Smith vs Falcons Chase Edmonds vs Titans *Concerned about Sutton & Golladay snap count coming off injuries. Sutton guarded by Bradberry too. Devonta Smith is a rookie so hard to trust right now. Also, not sure how Conner & Edmonds will be used.*
  10. Chase Claypool vs Bills Or Melvin Gordon vs Giants *Claypool has Juju & Dionte J competing for targets, & I’m not sure how many snaps he will play. Gordon is facing a tough defense.*
  11. It’s PPR but John Brown being back doesn’t scare you?
  12. Emmanuel Sanders, Hilton, or Beasley at flex? PPR league My opponent got Kamara. I don’t think I can take Kamara getting 30+ while Sanders does nothing, which is highly likely. (Vikings w/o 2 starting linebackers) John Brown will be activated so Beasley is a last resort. Feel like Hilton is my safest bet. Steelers defense isn’t what it used to be.
  13. Beasley or Marvin Jones at flex ROS?

    Golladay will take awhile? I heard he was sprinting pregame vs the Bears. Jones definitely if Golladay is put on IR which I feel might happen.
  14. Cole Beasley or Marvin Jones? If Golladay & John Brown return, who should I trust more? Playoff matchups Beasley: Steelers, Broncos, Patriots MJJ: Packers, Titans, Bucs Jones has the easier matchups but Beasley has been more consistent. He’s Josh Allen’s safety net.
  15. Gio vs Dolphins White vs Chargers (allow most RB targets out the backfield) *Brandon Allen looks pretty bad & rarely targets Gio. I don’t have confidence in Gio anymore. James White is playing the Rex Burkhead role, but 6 touches last week isn’t really trustworthy. Who should I start?