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  1. It's Uncanny...

    Dress like Wade and then stroll into the stadium a little early and see if they know the difference.....
  2. NFL channel reports

    Now on KFFL and too.
  3. Dolphins

    I thought the coaching in MIA was horrible last year which really effected Ronnie's numbers. Not to mention Harrington at QB and a wet paper bag defense and sitting out 3 games due to injury. Assuming Ronnie plays 16 games I can see him putting up 1,250 rushing yards, 10 rushing TDs, 450 rec yards, and 3 rec TDs. That puts him as a late first round pick.
  4. Future Hall Of Famers

    OK OK...I get it. Just testing the waters.
  5. Future Hall Of Famers

    dont forget the newly acquired Nate Clements....maybe Walt Harris too?
  6. Hardest Pick in the Draft

    Peyton will go between 5th and 8th pick in my league. 2 QBs are allowed to start in my league as we have a flex position instead of a TE position and that flex includes QBs. Because the 10th through 20th ranked QBs definatley score more than the 20th through 30th ranked RBs and WRs, one of the main strategies is to pick up a second QB before you grab your 3rd RB.
  7. Average Draft Position

    For many years now I have using My Fantasy: Draft Tracker. It has a function of separating out drafts into 2 week increments so you can see the average player positions during certain time frames. (i.e. the last two weeks before regular season week 1 is different than the first two weeks in June). It also has a function to show just RB, or just QB, or just WR. The most informative way to use this tool is to take the most current time period and then sort by position. For instance RB. If you are in a 12 team league and know that history shows that approx. 18 RBs are taken in the first two rounds of your draft then you can see on the Draft Tracker sorted by RBs which RBs will likely be taken in the first two rounds. Remember I said "Likely". I can say with certaintly that the draft tracker is about 90% correct with the first 10 players taken in each position (QB, RB, WR) as it relates to the first 10 players taken in your draft at those respective positions. For instance, 9 out of the first 10 RBs taken in your league will be the same RBs as the top 10 RBs in the Draft Traker, but not the same order. Then it falls apart pretty quickly after that and by the 20th player taken in a given position as compared to your draft there is about 5 players difference (meaning that there will be 5 players on the Draft Tracker's top 20 of a postion that were not taken yet in your draft). It just gets worse after that. You can use this method to plan out the first 4 rounds of your draft by knowing the approx QBs, RBs, and WRs that will be available to you in rounds 1 through 4 as long as you know approx. how many of a particular postion is taken by the end of each round of your draft. I have 10 years worth of drafts saved and I look at the last 3 years and get a range of how many QBs, RBs, WRs, TEs, K, and DEFs, are taken by the end of each round of each draft which gives me a baseline knowledge of how my current years draft will go down.
  8. Once again you've disappointed me DMD and have let everybody see the rankings....I thought that these rankings were just for me. I find it extremely difficult to draft a decent team when 100% of the managers in my league are using the same rankings. Thanks for all your hard work.
  9. surprise team this year

    As much as I would like SF to surprise this year I dont see it happening. To surprise they would have to win 11+ games. They won 7 games last year so they arent the bottom feeders like those other teams. SF has been rebuilding for 3 years now and the progress shows, and most people expect a couple more wins this year at a minimum which puts them around 9 wins. Looking at SFs schedule I think 10 wins is a tall order and 9ers miss the playoffs this year.
  10. Mock 2 signups open

    Goop finally picked and obviously didnt see that everybody had pre-selected after we wait for Goop again. EDIT: Thanks for the pick Goop!
  11. Mock 2 signups open

    You're a stand up person Scourge. No apologies required for me. Everyone please remember this is a MOCK only. Have fun with it.
  12. Mock 2 signups open

    Calvin was the best "unproven" WR on board....
  13. Mock 2 signups open

    Looks like we lost most of our steam...this thing is going at a snails pace now....
  14. RB EOS Analysis

    So looking at the 2006 EOS - SF had the 3rd worst RB schedule yet F. Gore put up the FF points with a top 5 finish for RBs. Can he repeat in 2007? Now looking at the 2005 EOS - OAK had the 2nd worst RB schedule yet LaMount surprised with a top 10 showing for RBs at the end of the year.....then 2006 happened......
  15. RB EOS Analysis

    I have not run the numbers for other postions and would assume that the conclusion applies across the board to the other postions.