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  1. Henderson

    If you read only for an emergency then you obviously have your answer.
  2. 12 & 7

    I got one...actually two I'm up for 44 with folk to kick and he still has hunter henry... I'm up by 57 with again folk left to kick and he has Josh Allen left to go. Will I get them as well??
  3. 12 & 7

    Is this serious lol
  4. Start 2, 1/2 PPR wr/rb content

    Same here cooks is a monster....but Tyrod is HORRIBLE!!
  5. TE issues..need to play 2.

    Right on Montana. I ranked them the same. Usually Knox would be 1 but New England are Number 1 against TEs.
  6. TE issues..need to play 2.

    I would always start Knox every week in the TE spot and I've been. Flexing Friermuth. I'm currently now have Logan Thomas over Knox because of the Defense shutting Bill's down. What do you guys think??
  7. TE issues..need to play 2.

    You are very correct they take it out of the game but they would take away Diggs AND Knox which is why he's on the bench. Knox is bills number 1 option in redzone. I have Logan Thomas and Friermuth. Hopefully I did ok. By the way I also had Jefferson and Godwin go so I don't think I'm gonna need them too much
  8. Start 2, 1/2 PPR wr/rb content

    I have Jefferson and Godwin lol
  9. Start 2, 1/2 PPR wr/rb content

    Whoops. I left cooks on my bench 🙃 where he belongs until tyrod is benched or I have injuries and no choice but to start him
  10. Should I pop my cherry??

    I am sitting at 11 and 1 and never used my waiver claim at all this season. I have Russell wilson and Tua. Should I use it on Taysom Hill? I'm stacked at Rb and WR and TE so I don't need anybody else. Or should I stick with Tua for the rest of the year and playoffs?
  11. Should I pop my cherry??

    Exactly if it's the workhorse you know he might fall into the endzone once or twice
  12. Mac Jones or Taysom for this bye and ROS back up?

    Taysom had 3 full practices...why wouldn't he start? Mac Jones is gonna be a great QB and fantasy QB(I'm sure they are going after a WR first round next year) next year. This year not really. Taysom will have more fantasy points than Mac Jones
  13. Mac Jones or Taysom for this bye and ROS back up?

    Lmao someone is lost...
  14. Waiver Wire Pickup

    Anybody rostering a Denver WR is holding in to a dream lol.
  15. Should I pop my cherry??

    This I 100 percent agree. Which is why I am leaning throwing in Conner over Hopkins. What do you think about that. You can't think Cooks over Conner now can you?
  16. Should I pop my cherry??

    Montana! COOK??? Cook over Hopkins? You can't be serious? Another situation of awesome talent but a terrible QB.
  17. Should I pop my cherry??

    Smith is a good player hence why I have him but not over Conner this week. Smith got shut down against the giants and hurts threw like 3 INTs. If it was a different QB maybe.
  18. Should I pop my cherry??

    What??? Wrong...most said that last week with Smith as he was higher ranked than Brandon cooks and waddle. I don't follow projections so I started Waddle and Brandon cooks. Good thing I did as Smith only had 4 points. I like Smith but he doesn't start over anyone unless I have to because of injuries and byes. I would 100 percent if I had to start anyone over Dhop it would be James Conner. Am I wrong?
  19. Week 15 DST

    How is Mia on the waiver wire as a free agent? I'm in the same deal but I think I will get the week 15 bye. I currently have the bills but I picked up Tampa Bay to use probably this week and for the championship(if I make it) week 17 against drumroll please.....THE JETS! I also dropped J. Crowder for the Saints for next week for drumroll please.....THE JETS! If your stacked like I am it's smart to play any team against the Jets. My bills can also play against Atlanta week 17 as well so I gotta see how I'm gonna play it. If you can do what I did above minus the bills I would do it.
  20. PPR RB Free Agent Pickups Quick Help

    Breida and Abdullah
  21. Should I pop my cherry??

    I'm also thinking about using Conner over Dhop. What do you guys think?
  22. Should I pop my cherry??

    Haha forgot to post pictures
  23. Should I pop my cherry??

    I know and I have! But I think I'm going with hill this week. What do you think about my line up as well. Anyone to switch out?
  24. Should I pop my cherry??

    Take a look at my team and my bench. You tell me if you think I need someone like Rojo(booker is handcuffed to Barkley owner). Also do you think anyone should be switched?
  25. Drop Ridley?

    If you need the roster spot than drop him. Just make sure that anybody on your bench is someone that you would start if you had to. If not then drop them and keep him