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  1. Traded Gibson for Derrick Henry

    Great trade. Both sides. You got the long run Henry has a nice schedule left
  2. Conner/Edwards or McKissic?

    Connor and Edwards the game is being played Sunday at the moment. Gus should be getting fed since Lamar out
  3. Hokenson or Andrews?

    I would have went Andrews until yesterday but hope you went Hock lol
  4. AJ Brown or J Jefferson

    If he starts Brown
  5. Need a TE. Which?

    Jonnu Smith
  6. Which Defense?

  7. Messed up and left in Swift any changing around I can do? I’m projected 120 now I think he is 148. Allen Robinson? Get him out? For Boyd?
  8. TE spot

    Shultz or L Thomas today only PPR
  9. Last minute QB choice??

  10. In a weekly paid league A Jefferson Shultz Miami D B Tonyan Kennan Allen Cowboys D C A Jones Tonyan Cowboys D