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  1. Help me with a TRIO

    Kelce or Diggs Ppr
  2. 49ers vs Packers (Saturday Night)

    I won $1,300 of this game with a $17 bet 😎 Guessed the score right
  3. Help me with a TRIO

    @League_Champion @Montana is da Man
  4. PPR Need a Nice 40ish between the 3 M Evans Brate T Hill or Kupp Brate J McKinnon ( only a couple pt diff when plugged into simulator) I’m liking the bottom it’s all or nothing the rams be playing catch up. Or is this Evans 2 or 3 td game and T Hill goes for 40????
  5. Start D Williams?

    Also what’s Connor status? @Montana is da Man
  6. Start D Williams?

    Williams or McKinnon
  7. What’s his status? Gametime?
  8. Can only play 1 who ganna have the 100 yard game? One of them will I’m leaning Lockett
  9. Which Pair

    I do too!
  10. Which Pair

    Lockett or Kirk today? PPR @Montana is da Man
  11. Which Pair

    I think Kupp wants that 2,000 yards he needs 170 some I believe
  12. Which Pair

    Lol thanks man just tagged ya! Appreciate it Ima go with that 👍🏼
  13. Which Pair

    @Montana is da Man
  14. Allen or Herbert or Brady