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  1. 2 minutes ago, Levi13 said:

    Yeah, I'm leaning that way, too.  He also has Diggs, but I'm not sold much more on him either.. 

    i would take diggs over boyd especially with aj green coming back and Adam Thielen is out with a hamstring injury so diggs should get alot of targets. I would still probably just stay put

  2. 4 minutes ago, Levi13 said:

    12-Team Redraft; Standard Scoring (No PPR)


    Guy offered me Godwin and Boyd for Hopkins.  I'm 5-4, currently would be just in for the playoffs. 


    We start 3 WRs with no FLEX, and right now I have Lockett, Hopkins, Gordon, Cooks, Diontae Johnson.  I'm waivering on whether this trade would actually make my team better or is more of a lateral move, since Boyd is on a terrible offense and it's not PPR.


    This started because I wanted to get rid of Gordon and was hoping to find a buyer who was high on him on a new, offense where he might be featured a bit more (obviously he's a player you can never really count on, though).  I don't really want to have to start Lockett/Gordon both on the same team, but based on my options at this point it might be my best bet if I don't make a trade happen by the deadline this week. 


    Anyway, if I made this trade I could start Lockett/Godwin/Boyd who might be a better third receiver than Gordon/Cooks/Johnson? Or should I just stick with Lockett/Hopkins and then hope I can make it work with what I have on a given week?

    Dont really like it. Try and get something better than boyd

  3. 2 hours ago, xKMAN83x said:

    Currently 5-4 (10 Man PPR) I feel like every game is a must win from hear out. 


    Week 11 Wilson and Adams are on byes and the following week Drake and Gordon are on byes. I was able to pickup the Ravens Defense to cover the Patriots bye this week and will most likely drop them and ride with the Pats rest of the way. Should I be making any other moves for the remainder of the season or sit tight where im at. I also have a claim in for Lutz for Gould (No idea why hes on waivers but thought it was a no brainer. 


    Any thoughts are appreciated


    QB Russell Wilson 
    RB Joe Mixon
    RB Melvin Gordon

    RB Kenyan Drake

    RB Carlos Hyde 
    WR Davante Adams 
    WR Amari Cooper 

    WR AJ Green

    WR T.Y Hilon 

    WR Calvin Ridley
    TE Mark Andrews
    Patriots Defense
    K Robbie Gould

    Try to package drake and hilton or green for a better rb

  4. 11 hours ago, Baby Chark Do Do Do Do Do said:

    I dont understand if you have no chance of winning try switching things up and letting cook go. The guys that are actually going to the playoffs can use these players! If you guys had no chance of making playoffs would you be bitter and not accept any trades or even keep eating the waiver wire??

    I would not wanna play in a league where the bottom feeders are just giving their good players away. 

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  5. 20 minutes ago, CrazyCajun said:

    I have some pretty good matchups for my WR's this week and im trying to see which two I should start. What do yall think?

    I just need to fill up my WR slots since I have Josh Jacobs in my flex. Chubb and Coleman my starting RBs with Connor hurt on my bench.


    John Brown vs. Browns

    Christian Kirk vs. Bucs

    A.J. Green vs. Ravens (not starting him)

    D.k. Metcalf vs. 49ers

    Jamison Crowder vs. Giants

    Micheal Gallup vs. Vickings

    Julian Eldeman (bye)

    Kirk and crowder have the best matchups. If its ppr you have to start crowder the giants cant cover slot receivers 

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  6. 12 minutes ago, Colacone said:

    My thoughts were if I were to do both, while it leaves me with two top tier qbs, Godwin replaces the loss of Kupp and maybe I could get a RB for Jackson or Mahomes. I’m not sold on Engram due to consistency. I know he’s solid, but I just am not sold. 

    Yeah that could work, you could also package engram into that and get someone pretty good. 

  7. 3 minutes ago, Colacone said:

    10 team PPR

    Qb: Rivers
    RB: Saquan, Zeke, Breida, Drake, Singletary, L. Murray, and D Williams
    WR: Kupp, Ridley, Sanders, Kirk, A Tate
    TE: Engram
    K: Myers
    DEF: Patriots

    I am in third, but I would like to help bolster the team for the playoffs. I’m not confident in my QB, WR, and TE positions. I think I can do something with my RB depth.


    I was recently offered two trades.

    Mahomes and Kittle for Singletary and Kupp


    Godwin and Lamar Jackson for Saquan. 

    I can’t tell my thoughts on either trade or if I like the idea of taking both and flipping either Mahomes / Jackson for another RB to fill the loss of Saquan / Singletary. 

    Dam those trades are tough. The first one would leave you to thin at wr plus you already have engram at tight end so your not desperate for kittle. Godwin and lamar jackson for barkley might be a good trade for you considering barkley hasn’t looked like him self and the giants oline is terrible. But trading away a rb1 is tough. I would be looking to bundle some of your back end rbs for a wr or qb 

  8. 33 minutes ago, Zephy said:

    Outside of Arizona week 13, he a whole bunch of bad matchups the rest of the way out.

    Yeah but i feel like this is what they have been saving him for. Its time to make a push for the playoffs. I actually like most of the harder matchups cause there gunna have to get gurley going if they want to win those games. 

  9. 3F3DD061-0212-47BE-8AE8-7EF7C862A651.thumb.png.c4ddf7ebe95b54ab877eda4519e08464.png912955F9-0171-462E-91EF-BBA2229728E8.thumb.png.61dfd6790fcf929797f14abb5797beac.pngSo my first trade of the year was jarvis landry and Adam Thielen for deandre hopkins. Trade number 2 i got Dak Prescott and delani walker for sam darnold and greg olsen. Trade 3 is pending, im trading away royce freeman, kirk cousins, and delani walker for todd gurley. What do you guys think? 12 team ppr league