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  1. 57 minutes ago, Baby Chark Do Do Do Do Do said:

    Agree terrible idea....people that grab qbs first round never win. There are tons of qbs that will give you 20 to 30 points dont need to not grab a henry or cook to grab a Lamar....ask those people how that worked

    Yeah well this year i went rb rb rb and they’re all hurt so having someone like mahomes would feel pretty good right now. Wouldnt have taken lamar as i knew he would not have a season like last year. 

  2. For most impactful injuries through out their roster? Lost saquon, sanders missed some games early and got injured again, and i have carson who is injured. Those are my top 3 picks in a 12 team ppr league i thought i killed it lol. 4th pick was ridley now hes hurt. Also grabbed henderson off of waivers which was looking good till he got hurt mid game. So anyone having worse luck then me? 

  3. 10 team .5 ppr, money league on yahoo. I have made a bunch of big trades am i better because of it? 1st- i sent arron jones and woods for ceh and crowder. 2nd- i sent marvin jones and carson for Amari cooper. 3rd- i sent will fuller for drake. 4th- i sent mckinnon for robby anderson. 5th- i sent matt ryan and drake for kyler murray and james white. 6th- lastly i sent ceh for zeke. 



  4. 58 minutes ago, CrazyCajun said:

    Why would he trade away Zeke. I am seeing so many people scared of Zeke now that Dalton is there. Zeke will be fine. Its just one game. He is in the top 3 RBs right now and will stay there. 

    Idk but i took advantage of it by trading ceh for zeke