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  1. 1- calvin ridley if he doesn’t play im pretty much screwed. I put in a waiver claim for mvs, i would be dropping preston williams. Mvs plays monday night as well so that would be my contingency plan.                   2- if mclaurin doesn’t play do i just slide hollywood brown in or someone else like higgins?                                                      3- carson and hyde both questionable against miami. Carson looks like hell play through a sprained knee in a game that can be a blowout where he rests in the 2nd half. If carson is out and hyde plays its simple start hyde right? If carson isn’t ruled out do i have to start him? Do i stay away from this all together and put someone else in my flex? If ridley and mclaurin play is hollywood a better flex then carson or hyde? Thanks in advance for any advice. 



  2. 11 minutes ago, ckuhn21 said:


    10 team .5ppr


    QB- C. Newton

    RB- C. Edwards-Helaire, A. Ekeler, J. Conner, N. Hines, D. Henderson 

    WR- M. Evans, T. Lockett, C. Ridley, H. Ruggs

    TE- M. Andrews, H. Henry

    K- G. Zuerlein

    DST- Chicago, Indy


    Here is my roster.  Starters in bold.  Pretty good with my roster but would like to upgrade my WR depth.

    I would stay put

  3. 6 minutes ago, Khurtz said:

    Hmm, probably not but it would depend on PPR a little bit. Even in Standard I'd have a really hard time downgrading from Ridley to Robby Anderson, even though you're upgrading to Jackson and James Robinson. Yeah, I think I'd stand pat on that and hold off for at least a less severe downgrade at WR.

    It is ppr how about any of these trades. Im panicky because i lost barkley and im 1-2





  4. 1 minute ago, RattlerB said:

    Thanks... nobody in this 10-team league trades, so I won't get any takers for Cam. Will likely drop Slayton.

    Yea im a giants fan so take it from me you cant trust that offense yea slayton might have some good games but you can never really feel good about starting him. 

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