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  1. Aaron Rodgers or Deshaun Watson?

    My opponent has Davante Adams and its PPR so he gets a point extra for each catch Rodgers throws also.
  2. Rodgers mediocre performance hurt me last week and DeShaun turned it on. Any reason to start Watson over Rodgers this week?
  3. WR to start?

    I would go Cooper, the go to for Andy D, and Sanders with Thomas out. Indy is a tough match up for Houston.
  4. Hockenson vs. Tenn or Andrews vs. Jax. PPR. I think Baltimore will be running and may get Andrews TD catch chances, whereas Hockenson will be involved all day?
  5. Murray or Rodgers? Week 13

    I would go Rodgers. Ram's defense is noticeable better than Philly's.
  6. Is Kendall Hinton a good flex as WR in PPR

    I do have a concern the NFL will cancel the game at the last minute so keep an option to sub someone in one of the later games.
  7. Is Kendall Hinton a good flex as WR in PPR

    I'm trying him out in a flex. I suspect they will be running some type of option system so he could rake up rushing yards.
  8. Hokenson or Andrews?

    That was my thoughts also! Happy Turkey Football Day!
  9. Hokenson or Andrews?

    Start Hockenson today or wait and hope Andrews plays sunday?
  10. Start Rodgers or Watson. Indy's D is legit but Rodgers has been showing let down. Watson has played well also?