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  1. Need a "D"

    ....thats what she said. But also, dolphins

    I feel your pain today. I only needed 5 from Pitt and the turd burglars couldn't even pull that off. Wtf, how do you get lit up by the the 2nd worst offense with their third string qb and missing their best rb AND wr?!?! DC should be fired after that manureeshow
  3. Week 16, starting early! DST Pit or a waiver...

    I would literally start any of them over steelers. Allowing the second worst offense in the league with their third string qb to run up the score without so much as forcing a turnover shows me that Pitt is not playable. Full disclosure: I needed 5 points from them last night to go to the championship, so May be a little biased here. That being said, they have now had 3 very poor performances in a row, so you can either say they are due for a good one or they will continue the trend. I would say the latter.
  4. Sit one!!!! Deebo, Claypool, Taylor, Booker

    I don't know, I have a feeling Taylor is going to blow up this week.
  5. Am I crazy ????

    Lockett. He is overdue for one of his week winning performances. Plus goedart is on a terrible offense with ertz coming back and likely taking a few of his looks. As for hunt, he is riding my pine (wow that came out wrong), until he shows me his flash from early in the year, and Cleveland shows that they want to give him close to equal work with chubb again. Also Cupps got a higher ceiling and about equal floor to those 2 as well.
  6. Big 4 player trade. Help!

    Pretty much a wash imo since they are same positions and similar skill. I like Adams a bit more than D.Hop but I like Watson a bit more than Jackson. I would say option 1 probably safer pick, but option 2 higher potential. Lamar also had probably the better playoff schedule out of all of them.
  7. Fair price for D.Henry?

    Thats what i was thinking. It leaves me a little thin at wr, but after looking at those I could see henry topping 20 pts a week easy for 14-16, and zeke struggling to crack double digits.
  8. Fair price for D.Henry?

    Thanks for the reply. I was concerned about depth too.
  9. DTS Playoff Stash

    Hawks man. They've been much better as of late and have easiest schedule for playoffs by far.
  10. Fair price for D.Henry?

    In first place and locked for playoffs. Is the following a fair price to pay to pickup henry and his cake playoff matchups? I give: Zeke and Will Fuller I get: D.Henry Zekes outlook is pointing up but he has the toughest playoff matchups of anyone. Henry owner lost 5 in a row and on playoff bubble so needs to win now and those two would be a huge help for next few weeks. Here is rest of my roster: Qb: Mahomes Wr: Adams, Hill, Fuller, Lamb, AB, Shepard Rb: Zeke, Carson, mixon and bernard, Hunt, Ekeler, James White Te: not kelce so doesn't matter
  11. Big Ticket Trade Help (DK+Zeke for Cook+Hill)

    Yeah when you do a 2 for 2 and get a big upgrade at each position I would recommend taking.
  12. Hunt, Gio, zeke, and hines - pick 2

    Thanks da man!
  13. I'm leaning zeke and hunt, but I'm open to any suggestions. They just announced hines is likely to get bulk of Indys carries, and has a cake matchup, but you never know with that backfield. Gio has looked good for a few games, but has a tougher matchup and with cincy struggling im thinking they might lean more on perine.
  14. Thoughts with offer?

    Far too steep price for you imo. Diggs is the #2 overall wideout in ppr and waller is the #2 te. Those guys are irreplaceable. I would aim a little lower since you do need some rb help. See if you can pair one of your lesser wrs with ballage to the ekeler owner or edmonds to the drake owner for a low end rb1/high rb2. Also if you are a lock for playoffs, look into buying low on guys like mixon or ekeler if their owners are desperate.