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  1. .5 ppr wr help !!

    Help. Start mike evans in limited use most likely snap count and use in short situations to not tweak hammy or start marquise brown illness but fighting for playoff
  2. HELP

    Cook Sony eckler hurts I feel like rojo going to have a bigger day than najee
  3. .5 ppr league I’m debating on this all week need to play either knox and gronk or put Williams in and pray flex / te
  4. .5 ppr playoff run

    Start Justin Jackson over mattison ? Also have javonte Williams
  5. Penny

    Drop gaskin or Sony michel for penny
  6. Gronk or Knox I wanted to play both but I just can’t
  7. Mooney Vs Green Bay marquise brown vs Cleveland (windy) sony michel vs Arizona kicker is I also have to drop one of them to pick up Sony
  8. Pick one .5 ppr

    Sanders or Monty
  9. Rb problems

    .5 ppr rank them 1-4 faced with similar options in a few leagues have some setbacks and have to play 1-2 of these per team Mattison vs lions Miles sanders vs jets Henderson (banged up?)vs jax david Montgomery vs Arizona (rain) any and all input appreciated
  10. Pick 2 .5 ppr

    That’s what I have rn just needed some reassurance lol
  11. Pick 2 .5 ppr

    Need to pick 2 Sanders Henderson Marquise brown
  12. Sanders or hendo

    .5 ppr am I crazy to start sanders over hendo ?
  13. I’m stuck in hard spot .5 ppr

    Cam plays Washington
  14. Do I start cam Newton or jimmy g
  15. I’m stuck in hard spot .5 ppr

    Do u think I play jimmy or cam over murry since they both play early I can’t risk him not playing