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  1. I wish I could quit you.

  2. I'm sure Jerry is proud to have you as one of his "kids"

  3. Greatest American Rock Band

    Neil Young was born in America then moved to Canada as a small child. He is a Canadian citizen though.
  4. Greatest American Rock Band

    Rage Against the Machine
  5. Any Huddlers with iphones?

    Read this first.
  6. Breaking News: Explosion in Manhattan

  7. Greatest American Rock Band

    Furthermore, anyone picking Nirvana should find a cabinet door and close there head repeatedly against it. Cobain=Ricky Ricardo Nostlavich or however you spell his name=Spare. Dave Grohel is the exception to the suck that Nirvana beat us down with... Pearl Jam, Janes Addiction and Alice In Chains were ten times better than Nirvana.
  8. Greatest American Rock Band

    Faith No More
  9. RIP Yankees

  10. On a lighter side

    So does about 20 other teams in the league...
  11. Where do you rank Michael Vick this year?

    Mike Vick Mania
  12. Michael Vick's career

    Oh Mike Vick!
  13. Mock Drafts

    Im taking Vick.
  14. Mike Vick!

    Can we stop all the madness? Every other thread pertains to him... Yes, I know that I've just added to it...
  15. Michael Vick's career

  16. Peter King's Power Rankings

    If McNabb and Westbrook stay healthy, they're in a class of there own in the NFC...
  17. DMD's New Book

  18. Where do you rank Michael Vick this year?

    We're 185 picks in our BotH IDP league and he's still there. Im not touching him.
  19. Biggest surprise and loser of the season!

    An ellipsis is three periods (dots). Like this"..."
  20. Sleeper RB of 2007!

    I've been saying this all along. good post
  21. Today is the day..

    Briggs is way better than Holdman or Colvin... The guy is a beast-monster, and I will be ecstatic when he holds out the first ten weeks, then next season is a different division.
  22. Worst Valentine's Day gift ever?

    Yuck... My ex-girlfriend bought me two Dallas Cowboy shirts for Valentines once...
  23. Urlacher's text messages to his ex

    Maybe because there is no bad blood with Brady's ex? He didnt send crazy ass text messages to his ex because he's not crazy. "Mr. Squeeky Clean" is smart enough to not get with a stripper, and to leave on good terms. Just like a bears fan to try and bring up something else instead of sucking it up... Bears fans and Sgt. Clown...
  24. Sleeper Watch

    He'll have time to develop as well... I think he'll beat out Furgy to be the no.3 guy. Then sit and wait for Driver to slow down, which could take another 3-4 years...