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  1. Must Win Week Trade

    You prefer Harris over James Conner?
  2. PPR league. Need a lot of pieces to fall correctly for me to make playoffs in this last week of regular season. Trade: Tannehill, Damien Harris, Terry Receive: Cousins, James Robinson/James Conner, Elijah Moore Would you pull trigger? Matchups for my guys are tough and Tannehill on BYE with Harris on BYE next week if I happen to sneak into playoffs
  3. RB3 to start

    Ppr league Ty Johnson vs HOU Dontrell Hilliard vs NE D’Onta Foreman vs NE
  4. CeeDee Trade

    PPR league, I must win for any chance at playoffs If he is active, I’m nervous that DAL is cautious with Lamb. Would you trade: CeeDee Lamb and Chase Edmonds FOR Mike Evans and Jamaal Williams TIA! Happy thanksgiving
  5. PPR league Johnson vs MIA Freeman vs CHI With no Lamar and Murray back, I’m leaning slightly towards Johnson. Thoughts? TIA
  6. Pick 3 - PPR

    Gallman vs NE (if Cordarelle does not play) Aiyuk @ JAX MJJ vs SF Devonta Freeman @ CHI Ty Johnson vs MIA
  7. PPR. Start 2 QB 3 RB 4 WR 1 TE 1 FLEX I am 4-5 and low points and am on the brink of playoff elimination. Trade: Mattison, Edmonds Receive: McKissic, Drake Would you do it? Thanks!
  8. 10 team PPR. We start 2 QB / 3 WR / 4 WR TE / FLEX I have Mattison and have been offered Mike Davis straight up. I also have Cordarelle so this would be a handcuff for handcuff (he has Dalvin). Would you do it? My RB: RB: Edmonds, Damien Harris, Cordarelle, Mattison, Gainwell, Devonta Freeman
  9. Woods or Cooks

    10 team PPR. Would you rather have Brandin Cooks or Robert Woods ROS? I
  10. Latavius is a FA right now and I currently have Devonta Freeman. Do you think it makes sense to swap one for the other? I know they’re on BYE this week but figure he’ll be taken on waivers if I don’t grab him. PPR league.
  11. FAAB for Tyrod?

    10 team 2 QB. I have $57 out of original $100 FAAB budget remaining QBs: Tannehill, Winston, Mac right now. I think Tyrod can be a top 12-14 QB with his rushing ability and a need to throw a lot. Was considering going $22 for him. Thoughts?
  12. 4-2 but that’s pure luck (2nd lowest points)
  13. Who to drop

    Thomas prob help me?