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  1. This Championship was a rematch of Week 11 when I beat the same dude by .06 so I guess it's only fair :P
  2. Opponent had Buffalo DST. Stidham gets to LOS or OB and I probably win (counted as sack). Check out my Week 13, Quarterfinal, Semifinal, and Championship scores! Never seen anything like it. Four games in a row. My week 11 was also stupidly close (150.82-150.76). Heart attacks done for the year. I should probably just quit for my health. :P
  3. I'm playing Mahommes and PROBABLY playing LeVeon Bell. I typically don't like playing this many players from one team (diversify, thought that can flop, too). I barely like the idea of QB+RB in most situations :P Butker has been pretty disappointing/meh overall this year. If Mahommes goes nuts, Butker ain't gonna see much. He's projected quite high (has been all year, though). Santos has a great matchup and a couple good weeks to build on. So, what do you think? Butker or Santos?
  4. Who to flex?

    And then again... :P
  5. Keenan Allen, is he worth the risk?

    Without a clear statement of health and a full practice, I'm probably keeping him benched on my team.
  6. Flex help. Start Jeff Wilson

    Was a little early to fear that one, eh?
  7. Evans and Wilson have already paid off (more to come from Wilson, hopefully). I did decide to sit ARI defense...looks like they'll hit at least expected, but who knows. So, going WAS. Too bad Elliot's status (probably) won't be known until after Bell's day.
  8. Was leaning same direction. Bernard has burned me quite a bit having snagged him for Mixon injuries. But then of course he busts off 20 points in game Bengals had no business winning. What about if Zeke end up out?
  9. Really could've used 2-3 more TDs on those short 1st and goal oops (though he did get stuffed on one, not his fault). I also had Jefferson and opp. had Thielen. Bad luck for me as my guys easily could've handed me tons of points... But, here we are. Please help my remaining lineup: Remaining slots (play four from list). I have a lot of high risk/reward streamers: WR, RB, W/R, W/R: WRs: Evans, Hilton, K. Allen, Claypool, Tyron Johnson RBs: Bernard, Bell, Pollard, Wilson Jr. DEF: WAS or ARI
  10. I've had to patch a lot of holes the last few weeks, but there have been some decent waiver options. I need to play out injury watches this week, but what are your thoughts? QB, WR, WR, RB, RB, TE, W/R, W/R, K, DEF
  11. Fantasy Championship Game - Who Should I Start?

    They say Akers is out AT LEAST Week
  12. My fantasy team has absolutely sucked the last three weeks. Some of it has been bad decisions, but also lots of bad luck and negative game script. I had the highest weekly scoring average in my league this year and the highest points against, as well. It was a fight almost weekly to claw myself to second place in week 11, take over first handily week 12, then... ...the last three weeks (including two playoff weeks), I have won 3 games by a combined total (combined!!!!) of 3.5 points. 1.62 Week 13 1.86 Week 14 I took lead and won with Ebron's 2 point conversion. .02 Week 15 (today) I played Ebron (injured/OUT of first target. He had Higgins. I played Ebron over Henry this week. Ugh. Then get this: Week 11, I won 150.82 - 150.76 (.06) My condolences to all those that lost close battles. I'm sure to get destroyed in the finals as my team tanked and my opponent all the sudden became the world beater my team was through week 12.
  13. I haven't trusted Evans much, but J. Wilson will share with Mostert.
  14. WR conundrums... Allen, Evans, Jefferson...

    It's that last one that's killin' me, too.
  15. I have Evans, Jefferson, Allen, Agholor, Claypool and Hilton. Need to play three... Which would you do?