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  1. Waiver Wire Pickup

    I have Jerry Jeudy and Elijah Moore on my bench. Is dropping either one worth it and picking up Van Jefferson?
  2. What DST This week?

    I had picked up Ravens this week off of waivers. But this morning Arizonas dst became available on waivers. Should I drop Ravens and pick up Saints or Browns DST and put a waiver in for Arizona and hope it goes through on Saturday? thanks in advance.
  3. Week 9 - WDIS - Need a Win to Stay In

    Thanks Guys. 👍
  4. Week 9 - WDIS - Need a Win to Stay In

    Thanks buddy. I kinda figured that.
  5. 3-5. need this win to stay in run for playoffs. Full PPR. WDIS? QB- Dak WR- Woods & Hopkins (Questionable/injuried) Rb- COOK & Henderson Te- Waller Flex - B Scott dst- Raiders bench- Jeudy, Landry, Aiuyk, Edmonds, Wilson Jr. I don’t trust Hopkins this week. But who should I start in place of him? Should I Leave Scott in a Flex? thanks in advance.
  6. Thanks Irish. do you think it’s a good idea to pick up Cowboys DST and playing them even though I have COOK as Rb?
  7. Sorry 2 more questions. Who to start. TE start: Uzomah or RSJ? Dst: Atlanta, Chargers, Philly, Saints or Cowboys ( I have COOK as Rb)?
  8. They may be ruling Dak out. Need help for streamer at QB. I just added Daniel Jones but I’m so nervous starting him. is Wentz, Bridgewater, Ryan, Winston or Lawrence better options? I started Ryan last week and he did Ok?
  9. Should I trade Edmonds for Keenan Allen? AB - is out Jeudy May be back. wrs: Hopkins, Woods, Jeudy, Thomas(Pup),AB(Out) Rbs- Cook, Henderson, Davis,Mattison,Edmonds,Carter im 3-4 and other league mate is 2-5.
  10. is Mike Davis droppable?

    I’m done with him. Not sure if it’s the right move or I’m just very aggravated but I’m going to take a chance. I’m dropping him and trying to pick up either Michael Carter or Alex Collins on waivers. I have Cook, Henderson, Mattison and Edmonds.
  11. Probably in the same predicament as others but what should I do with Waller? start Jones at 1pm or wait til 4 and see what happens? Or drop Jones and pick up backup tight end on raiders?
  12. Keep 1 benchstash ros: Melvin Gordon, Jerry Jeudy

    That too. Depends on depth.
  13. Keep 1 benchstash ros: Melvin Gordon, Jerry Jeudy

    I’d say Jeudy. I drafted him and kept him in lineup this whole time. Time for him to SHINE!
  14. Hey Irish, Im torn on who to start. I’m 3-3 and need this win. looking for a flex player. my roster now as it sits is: qb-ryan rb- Edmonds & Henderson wr- Woods & Hopkins te - waller flex - ? kicker- prater dst - saints Bench - Bateman and Mike Davis. All my other players are on byes and can’t afford to drop. Antonio brown was my flex but he’s out. I did have Johnson on my bench but dropped him last minute ( I wasn’t sure who was going to be starting RB. 🤦‍♂️). And I picked up BATEMAN. im not sure what’s best option. waivers that are best choice are: Ruggs, Aiyuk, Mooney, Hardman, renfrow, callaway. Or go RB route and flex DAVIS or pick up Collins/Penny, Carter, Stevenson, Freeman. thanks in advance.