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  1. Early Draft Trade Question

    Thank you. Crazy how many offers I’ve gotten in some of my leagues for FANT and other TE’s. I made a trade in another league which I also have FANT and Schuster. I traded for Gaskin and Golliday. I went heavy in that league on top WR’s.
  2. Early Draft Trade Question

    I’m also getting pestered in another league about a trade for FANT. What’s going on so far with TE’s?! All trade requests have been for TE’s and the season hasn’t started. This is the other request, he keeps sending me trade offers for FANT. He wants FANT and Cooper for Gordon, Singletary, Golladay. I’m not trading Cooper. My lineup is on the LEFT.
  3. Early Draft Trade Question

    What’s up guys. Hope all is well and looking forward to this season. I got an invite from a friend for some early drafts. I did 3, 8 Team leagues. This is one of the outcomes of 1 draft. I think I did pretty good, but I feel I’m weak at RB. I kept getting a trade request from another player in the league, figured I’d ask everyone what they thought.
  4. Early Draft Trade Question

    Thank you. I’ll try trading Goedert for Davis and Smith for Gronk. Also should I try Evans for Copper?
  5. So the other day a friend of mine hit me up and asked me to join a draft that he got into. Yes I know it’s early, but I figured I’d get some practice in. We finished the draft and I immediately got a few offers for trades. my lineup is on the right. 8 team PPR. Someone wants Goedert bad. I feel I need Rb Depth and either Cooper or Goodwin in my lineup. what are some good trade ideas? I’m willing to give up anyone on my Bench. For a back up tight end should I ask for Ebron as well? Or I’ll just pick up smith jr or hooper off waivers. thanks in advance.
  6. Flex Help - Gaskin/Ahmed or Fournette?

    So Fournette over Gaskin?
  7. Need a flex. who should I start? Gaskin, Ahmed or Fournette? PPR Format thanks
  8. Need 1 RB to flex: Gallman Mostert Wilson Jr Need 1 WR: Beasley DJ Moore Patrick Coutee Higgins Thanks Irish in advance.
  9. WDIS - Flex and 1 WR

    On it! Alittle concerned about Mostert. I feel like his legs are made of glass.
  10. WDIS - Flex and 1 WR

    Who should I start at Flex? Gallman Mostert Wilson Jr Fournette Pick 1 WR: DJ Moore Beasley Patrick Coutee Higgins Thanks In Advance.
  11. Good Morning, Should I start Coutee over Beasley? Cooks may be out.
  12. Need 1 WR to start. Beasley, Tee Higgins, Coutee, M Williams, T Patrick, or D Moore ( Covid/IR) - don’t think he’ll play this week.
  13. Pick One WR.

    I messed up and left WOODS in last night (got busy with my kids bedtime) and he failed. Luckily I had RAMS DST in my lineup. so I need to play another WR. 3WR starts. I have RIDLEY already in lineup and plan to leave him. What other WR should I start? Beasley, M. Williams, T Patrick, Coutee, Tee Higgins, D Moore (If He plays Covid/IR). Figured if Moore plays I’d start him over everyone. If Moore doesn’t play who do I Start?
  14. Who to Start? RBs and WRS

    This is my lineup so far. Able to grab some guys of waiver. What 3 WRS to start? I take a chance and not start WOODS tonight?