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  1. Ready for October Here!

  2. Russell Wilson Injury

    Well as really now that Geno Smith is the temporary go to guy there until Russell heals.
  3. Bridgewater named starting QB

    Really hope he can succeed. Poor Teddy can't catch a break. Vikings, Jets, Saints, Panthers, now Broncos. Hope he can really be on a team for years to come.
  4. Ready for NFL 2021!

  5. Dak Prescott Concerns

    Hope that Parsons will be on the team. Over for years to come. Like it too.
  6. When In Doubt, Do Something-Harry Chapin(1942-1981)

  7. Rookie TEs?

    Yeah being a dynasty is one thing. But need to prove it individual and be a team player.
  8. Ready for Mother's Day!

  9. Draft Day Coverage

    Do not have the NFL Channel over being out of ATT but have "no choice" but to stick with the ESPN!
  10. April Fools and Showers!

  11. Really if you want to expand, need to have two bye weeks. Just saying!
  12. Ready for March Madness!

  13. Jimmy Garoppolo is staying with the 49ers in 2021

    He did lead the team to the SB LIV. But still for now wonder if that can change at any single moment there.
  14. Ready for SBLV and February!