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  1. Keep DJ but tee Pollard up if Monty is a no go
  2. Agree to wait figuring Landry, Gage and even Guyton could outperform Osborn, while still giving you the opportunity to get lucky with Keenan.
  3. 11 letters

    I'd lean Tua but its pretty much a pick em. This time of year, I might go with the guy in warmer climate if it was that close.
  4. Stevenson or Breida?

    I vote Stephenson. BUF running game is messy situation made messier by the fact that Allen is their best rusher. Avoid.
  5. Drop Ridley?

    If you don't have an IR spot in your league, then absolutely, drop him. This late in the year, you gotta play for each week as you really can't afford to hold and hope right now.
  6. Sneaky trade advice

    IMO I would rank Godwin higher ROS than Hollywood Brown. Side observation from your sig - Seems like you have an awful lot of RBs and very few receivers on your team...
  7. In other words, offer up Cousins/Gage for Cee Dee, and see what other team says.
  8. Sneaky trade advice

    I think Connor is more valuable than Monty and M. Brown = Theilen though a bit more hit/miss. I stay pat.
  9. Trade Options

    Not sure if you all play a flex, but bottom line I think the deal as proposed by other owner is pretty good for you. Hits your RB depth for sure but majorly improves your WRs at a time of need with CeeDee unlikely to go this week. No idea when Hunt is going to come back, Ingram should be usable for another week at least. You can certainly try the Rodgers Jefferson for Russ, Henderson and Ingram, but not sure they'd go for it...
  10. Major Roster Help Needed

    Looks like problem solved. I would have said dump Toney, who I might still dump if there is ANY option at RB on your wires to give you depth there beyond the 3 you list in your starting lineup.
  11. So glad I chose Jones over Kupp this year in my big money redraft. Time to drop Julio.
  12. 2 rb and flex

    Loving D-Ern this week. I actually think you go D'Ern, Ingram and prob Jrob
  13. Gordon or Ingram

    With Kamara out, gotta go Ingram. Kinda like Gage too but Ingram clear volume winner this week.
  14. Kamara ruled out for weeks 10 & 11

    Well between Kamara, Ridley, CEH, ABrown, and Higgins on bye, there goes my team this week. Wow
  15. Need to drop someone to pickup Ingram..

    Golladay would be my choice...