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  1. I'm inserting Dayne into my lineup this week. I'm taking out Bush
  2. In a serious quandry!

    Glenn would be the better play here.
  3. WDIS

    Parker is a must start over Benson Willie is fast and will break one on Baltimore. Check out my posts. djr.
  4. QB Controversy

    Most of the season it's been Eli. He has a tough matchup vs New Orleans. Last week it was Pennington vs. Minn. that got me to the Championship Game. This week Jay Cutler has the best matchup vs. Cincy. Is he ready to be trusted when the title is on the line? I think he looked good last week. He's starting to develop some chemistry with J.Walker. Cincy should allow many yards, but maybe they have something up their sleeve for the rookie. Thoughts? I'll respond to yours djr.
  5. Which defense do I start this week?

    I'd go with the Bills at home. The 12th man will play a role vs. a young Young. Check out my posts djr.
  6. Defense option

    Tennessee looks better each week on Defense. I'm a Bills fan and am going to the game. I'll have to struggle in watching as I will be rooting for Buffalo to score, but not too many. Anyone out there see Atlanta having a good matchup? djr.
  7. Superbowl weekend. Start 3 of 4 RB

    We do have a point per reception. Without that, Bush sometimes would be getting me 1 pt a week. What do you think about starting Dayne over Edge this week?
  8. Defense option

    Tenn vs. Buffalo. The weather should be sloppy. Atlanta at home vs. Carolina. Tennessee has been hot lately. We get points for returns as well. PacMan is a great player. What are people's thoughts? Thanks djr.
  9. Hey All. I'm in a bind. Dayne has a great matchup with Indy. Reggie Bush doesn't have a solid matchup with NYG. They can play tough against the run. I'm looking to insert Dayne and sit Bush. MJD should carry the load with Taylor lame. Edge has been on a roll lately. Anyone think Bush should be a definate start over Dayne? Thanks DJR
  10. Is Fred Taylor Hurt

    Go MJD!!!
  11. Eli Manning or Chad Pennington

    Pennington is over 300 yds already and playing quite well. I don't Eli will do this well and I am happy with my decision. Thanks for all the help. djr.
  12. Eli Manning or Chad Pennington

    NYG center is out. Does that change things for Eli? Thanks Djr
  13. Eli Manning or Chad Pennington

    Looks like most are thinking Pennington. I like his dink and dunk down the field. Minnesota will force Pennington to beat them. Eli could play really well again, or crack under the pressure. Thanks for the posts. Keep 'em coming djr.
  14. WR Help- Need to sit a stud....

    Put 2 eggs in 2 baskets. Sit Houch and go with the Rookie Colston He'll make a huge statement for ROY. Check out my post. Djr.
  15. I'm a huge Bills fan and I'd still go with Morris. First, this is his old team and he's got to make a statement. Also, Miami is on a roll. I hope Morris does poorly, but I am afraid he will expose the weak Buffalo run D. Taylor is one hit away from being a goose egg. G'luck djr. You think Eli will outperform Pennington? I feel that the playoff atmosphere will fire the Eagles D up.