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  1. pick my line-up

    we do a playoff fantacy and you can pick any players you want week by week? 1qb 2rb 2wr 1te 1def and kicker who would you take this week?manning LJ tiki harrison owens clark philly D
  2. second title in a row

    believe it or not this is my 4year in a row taking first we play with 11 people and im not liked that much lol
  3. How much will LT play

    chargers havent got anything locked yet they still need to win to get the #1 seed from the ravens
  4. i have LT but also have turner and gore just wondering if LT sits never know we play 17 weeks and it could be huge for some people if payton or any colts sit.
  5. LT I hate him!

    i love LT and this year my league voted on a one person keeper for next year lol i dont know what to do i have ROMO LT GORE HOLT FITZ GATES lol
  6. starting Gore over LJ

    i like gore this week way easier match then LJ he is no LT lol
  7. wdis

    i can only start 2 and leaning towards holt and fitz any thoughts?
  8. wdis

    i really would hate to sit holt but the way the rams are playing and against da bears i dont know?
  9. drop philly's D?

    i have jags and philly but thinking of dropping philly for cincy easy match this week against oakland?
  10. TE decision

    as a cooley owner he has been very good for me but i also owned gates the past years earlier and he is capable of having huge games,it all depends on how your sitting in your league
  11. wdis

    thanks you got me even more confussed,lol
  12. Driver this week

    i am in the same boat i dont know to start fitz or driver this week but right know i have driver in my line-up
  13. ROMO

    tried trading him and holt for mcnabb and the guy backed out thank god mcnabb tore his acl and then tried trading romo and gore this week for brees and westbrook and that guy backed out i think i will just keep ROMO
  14. wdis

    tough one there both close and driver plays monday night thats always a bonus
  15. Def ?

    jags easily